Are there changes that happen as we get older?


But so often we blame our age for things within our power to change.

We also blame our age for issues we’ve ALLOWED to actually build up over time.

Improper dieting practices. A lack of a proper warm up….

Things we thought we could get away with when we were younger. That we thought “worked?”

Well…let’s put it this way….just because we could get results at the time, workout without warming up without any immediate consequences doesn’t mean we SHOULD HAVE.

And it’s also a big part of why we’re now “feeling our age.”

But because this is something we’ve…well…sort of done to ourselves…it also means we have the power to change it.

So how can you avoid feeling old? How can you control what you can control to stay lean and strong to your final day on this planet?

Here are 5 tips to help…that we need to try to teach people at younger and younger ages!

#1: Suck it up and learn about macros.

I know I sound like a broken record, but so often our desire to avoid learning about the fundamentals of nutrition catches up with us.

We may get away with slashing our calories super low when we’re younger or even out exercising our diet.

But as it becomes harder to build and retain lean muscle and metabolic adaptations can add up (both from menopause, muscle loss and previous improper dieting practices) we can’t just keep restricting further to see results.

By learning about macros we can actually help retrain our body to eat more, fuel for muscle growth AND achieve some stellar body recomposition.

Learning about macros gives us control to adjust as our needs and goals are constantly evolving. 

#2: Include PREHAB with each warm up.

I’ve heard so many people say they used to get away without warming up.

What I want to tell them often is that their “getting away with it” is actually what probably caused some of their current issues.

I used this analogy in another podcast, but it is like a leak in your ceiling. You may not notice it’s there. You may “get away” with keeping the same pipe…

But one day the leak will have added up enough your ceiling tile may collapse in.

So many injuries and issues are due to perpetual overload. And often when the injury fully shows and we can no longer push through…well that move is simply the final straw.

Start doing that mobility work daily to address common daily postural distortions and help prep your body to work correctly during your workouts.

Even just a 10 minute warm up with that full prehab process can go a long way.

#3: Stop saying you’re too old for things.

You want to know the clients that stay young forever? They’re the ones that never stop pushing themselves. 

That never shy away from challenges.

That constantly seek to progress moves.

Use it or lose it couldn’t be more true.

While yes, recovery times may change as well as even the types of training we are interested in…not to mention INJURIES may impact what we choose to do, age should never determine what we believe ourselves capable of.

At any age you can build strength, endurance and power.

It’s always about meeting yourself where you are at.

#4: Stop doing it because someone else did.

So often we don’t stop to assess our needs and goals.

We try to do something just because it worked for someone else even if it isn’t truly realistic for our lifestyle.



What does your lifestyle look like and how can you create the healthiest version of that?

How can you help yourself build back in a sustainable way if you’ve been out with injury? 

How can you create a lifestyle balance that allows you to enjoy your glass of wine or dessert?

Don’t get caught up in someone else’s standards of what is healthy…focus on your needs and goals.

#5: Suck it up and go slow.

We need to get it out of our heads that results will happen overnight.

Slow results are REAL results…not just glycogen depletion and water weight being lost.

Slow results are also SUSTAINABLE results. 

We need to also realize that, the older we get, the longer we’ve potentially been doing the WRONG things. Also the longer we may have had the injury or the weight on.

And the longer we’ve been doing the wrong things? The longer it takes to correct.

As I like to tell clients, you didn’t get into your situation overnight and you’re not going to get out of it that quickly either.

The longer you’ve had the weight on, the more your body will rebel against the change.

We do not like change.

So get ready to be consistent and embrace that changes will take time!