We are what we tell ourselves we are.

I wrote that line above and sat here for a bit really thinking on that because so much of who and what I’ve believed I am has changed massively over the years.

And much by CHOICE.

Many of you have heard me tell the story of starting my first blog and how I refused to take photos of myself or be on video.

I wanted to write stuff. Not be a “person.”

But as I started sharing more and more and really wanting to help more people, Ryan pointed out that the only way to reach more people and actually grow was to suck it up and become the “face” of my own business.

That was so against who and what I thought I was.

I was a behind the scenes nerd. Not someone in front of the camera.

I didn’t think I had the skills or personality.

But I wanted to help more people and share what I believed was a great perspective on things.

So I told myself I could do it. I told myself I could present things in a way that would resonate.

I told myself I could become confident and comfortable in front of the camera.

And guess what?

I really sucked at it to start.

But I kept at it. I kept learning and growing and being receptive to feedback.

And I kept telling myself that, not only could I do it, but that I was the person MEANT to do it.

I still speak really fast and my bumble bee brain takes me on all of the tangents possible.

I still refuse to brush my hair when I roll out of bed to do Coffee with Cori, but I 100% have become exactly the person I feel I need to be.

But it wasn’t because I was born this way.

I told myself I was this way.

And we really do become what we tell ourselves we are.


Who will you be?

As you ponder this thought…here are some questions to ask yourself to help yourself ACT AS IF.

I say “ACT AS IF” over “fake it till you make it because actions without the mindset change behind them will never last.

#1: Why do you want the change?

#2: Are you ready to SUCK at something? Practice makes better but often we have to start something we are really not good at.

#3: Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone? No? Good do it anyway!

#4: Why are these actions so key? Why do you believe in them?

#5: How is this person you want to become already who you are?


We truly are who we choose to be. We are what we tell ourselves we are and our actions follow.

What changes will you make today to live the life you want?