We all do this…

We say “It won’t work.”

“I can’t do…”

“I’ll never be able to…”

“I’ll get turned down….”

But we don’t actually “KNOW” what the outcome will be because we’ve never actually done the thing or tried to find a way around the situation.

And I do understand we don’t have to try everything to know that some ideas are good or bad…

Like jumping off a cliff…

BUT I also think too often we write something off before we test it.

We think we know the answer BUT we don’t actually know if we haven’t tried something!

Sometimes we NEED to try it and fail to truly know whether or not it will work for us!

Sometimes you’ve got to test something!

It’s so funny how we avoid taking the risk when it feels like there could be embarrassment or failure.

So funny how we won’t do that with things that feel too intimidating yet someone will tell us a plate is hot and we’ll touch it to test….don’t know if we don’t try right?! Haha

We draw our own lines.

We DECIDE what is or isn’t worth the risk.

We decide what we do or do NOT know until we’ve tried.

Which got me to thinking, when faced with my own situation of not wanting to do something because I had the thought of “it probably wouldn’t work” how I could get myself to take the risk anyway….

Because I didn’t really know. And wouldn’t know for sure unless I tried…

So this is what helped me dive in, put myself out there, and well…now wait and see as to how it truly all panned out…

#1: Question Why You Don’t Want To Do It

– Is there really a risk to this? Or is it just fear of failure?
– Why don’t you believe you can accomplish this task or thing?
– Will there be no value in the experience itself?

#2: Remember Risk Brings Learning

– Think of what you can learn even from failing – failures are often the best learning experiences
– Stepping outside your comfort zone is key
– Change requires change and growth is only achieved with risk

#3: Remember You Get More Comfortable The More You Do It

– Doing something new is hard – but the more we take on situations like this, the more comfortable we get being uncomfortable in that way
– By doing you can learn better ways to improve your success
– This will allow you to even seek out educational opportunities to address things you now realize you don’t know!