Motivation is fleeting. When we are just motivated other things easily take priority. We do things when they are convenient for us.

Now discipline…

When we are disciplined, no matter what else is going on in our life…well we do the things we should anyway.

But how do you become disciplined?

I think there are a few key components to discipline…

#1: Priorities

What we value, we find time to do.

If a change is a priority to us, we are going to find a way to make those changes and keep implementing them.

So if we value a new habit, an ultimate goal, we are going to find a way.

But then the question also arises, how do you make something new a priority when you have so many other things in your life going on.

1. I think we need to recognize that getting started is the hardest part. That if you can prioritize something new to start eventually it WON’T take as much thought to do.
2. We can base changes off our current lifestyle.
3. We can put the NEW first.
4. We can realize how this new goal ADDS to the other components of our life we value.
5. We can set motivation end dates and really understand WHY this new things deserves our full attention.

#2: Habits

Discipline boils down to habits.

But habits aren’t easy to change as it isn’t just learning a new way of doing things, it’s unlearning the old instinctual ways of doing things too.

And all new habits often feel weird because they aren’t what we are naturally doing. What we are naturally wanting to do is what we’ve always done.

And motivation is what gets us started. But to keep doing the habits, we need to truly VALUE them.

We need to know WHY they are important.

We also need to have made them small enough that we aren’t just constantly trying to out willpower everything.

Life is going to get in the way.

The more we’ve found ways to even just start implementing the minimum, the better.

While we may feel like all or nothing people, we need to realize that doing too much at once relies on willpower and motivation which won’t last.

We need to find ways to create habit changes we can easily replicate. Habits that keep us disciplined!

#3: Mindsets

Whether it is setting priorities or creating new habits, everything relates back to our mindset.

If we want a change, we have to truly embrace the changes, not slightly fight against them.

Not do one action but think something else.

We have to value them and understand why they are necessary.

We can’t for long just force ourselves to do something because we should or someone else said it was good.

We need to VALUE what we are doing.

That means BELIEVING in the changes you are going to make. It means BELIEVING in the habits. It means believing there is a greater purpose to what you’re doing.

Discipline comes from having a purpose. The mindset that you will do these things because that is the person you are. These things are things you value and the overall goal is the most important thing even over momentary discomfort.

So as you seek to make changes, as you want to find a way to do something ANYWAY even when you aren’t motivated, you need to find ways to create discipline!