I know I’ve personally been guilty of this even…

The comparing where you see someone else’s success in, well, really any aspect of life and you think…

“Yea well they didn’t have to deal with (insert thing you think is holding you back).”

But that is a self-limiting belief.

And honestly not beneficial as a thought in any way, shape or form.

It does nothing to move us forward and only reinforces the belief we are somehow unable to find a way forward.

But the simple fact of the matter is, life involves sacrifices no matter your situation.

And we each have our own priorities and values.

If we CHOOSE to bring something into our life, if we CHOOSE to make something a priority, we have to understand how it will impact other things.

And this isn’t a bad thing. There is no right or wrong to what we should or shouldn’t value or prioritize.

But each time we do put something first, we do automatically push other goals by the wayside.

And we can’t BLAME those things.

Instead we need to identify what truly matters to us and find ways to work around or balance the things we want.

We need to find ways to even adapt our values.

Often I hear…

“Well you don’t work 8 hours a day and then have to go home and cook for a family.”

A. You never truly know someone else’s situation to compare.

B. Ok so if you feel that work and family are priorities in your life and you WILL always put them first, instead of blaming them, what is something you can do to work AROUND them?

Sure you may have to sacrifice gym sessions at times. But then how can you steer into that and plan out something quick at home?

We have to remember we’ve CHOSEN what we value. What is a priority to us.

And to ever move forward with other goals lower in that list, we need to find a way to make them matter to the things we value most so we still find a way forward. And we even need to find ways to do the MINIMUM when these other things need to come first!

So how can we stop making the excuse that someone else doesn’t have to deal with something and instead embrace the priorities we’ve set and work around them to move forward?

#1: Focus on small changes.

Too often I think we believe we need these sweeping changes to get results when small changes really add up. Focus on the easiest changes first too to build momentum.

Like maybe you chance one meal that doesn’t at all impact your family dishes. Or you just set 5 minutes to roll out before bed.

But small changes build momentum.

They allow us to build around what we value and want to prioritize. They can even help us realize changes aren’t that hard or can fit in our lifestyle.

They can make it feel like our whole ecosystem doesn’t have to be changed.

#2: Tie your new goals into your current values.

If you want to lose weight, how can you tie this into the fact that your family is your priority?

Will this allow you to do more things with them? Keep you strong to chase after grandkids? Inspire your kids to love their bodies too or realize their own strength and abilities?

Can you get them involved in making fun new macro friendly meals? Test out new desserts or breakfast recipes?

Can you get them doing more activities to get moving? Like maybe catch in the backyard or evening walks with the dog? Pull ups on the playground as they play?

Could you even be watching TV with everyone and try some commercial workout breaks?

#3: Think in terms of minimums.

Too often we think about all we have to do over setting a minimum to get consistent. Sure maybe you like to usually get to the gym 6 days a week, but if you’re struggling with consistency due to your new job?

Instead of saying “Well I can’t get in my usual training sessions because of my new hours so I won’t be able to get results” so that you give up, set a minimum to make it through this time and at least maintain your results.

Too often we believe we need this ideal, to do MORE, to get results, when less is more because of the consistency it creates even during the toughest times. Small changes during tough times, when life works against us, really add up!

Even just make one small tweak to one meal you’re eating. Make one dietary change instead of thinking you have to go from doing nothing to everything.

Seriously even just tracking alone makes you more accountable!

#4: Assess if your priorities will change…

I think sometimes it even boils down to us realizing this IS our life. This IS what we value. Those ARE our priorities.

And if this is the reality, we need to stop blaming it.

We need to assess if this other success we are jealous of is really something we want. We have to recognize that there is sacrifice any time you prioritize something as something else has to fall by the wayside.

So you need to assess and OWN your priorities.

And then find ways to do something to achieve other goals knowing that they aren’t as valued to you. This may mean knowing that weight loss will be slower as you’re doing the minimum.

It may mean that you need to switch your workout routine.

Stop focusing on someone else’s ideal, someone else’s journey, someone else’s priorities.

Stop blaming your own values.

We’ve chosen what matters to us and the only way forward is to find ways to strike the balance right for us.

So stay focused on what YOU need to succeed.