What is your favorite exercise? 

Sumo Barbell Deadlift

What is your personal mantra?

Act As If

What is your favorite cheat day food?

Carne Asada Burritos and chips and guacamole (all of those at once is ideal)

What is your favorite desert?

Rice krispy treats with frosting

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

A Margarita – any kind

What is your favorite vacation spot? 

Palm Springs

What is your favorite movie?

I Feel Pretty – Love watching this when I work

What is the most unexpected piece of advice you ever received?

Your passion is a double edged sword was the gist of what Dave, my GM at the first gym I worked at told me. It was an eye opening moment. And I credit it with making me more self aware to realize how my passion needs to be harnessed.

If you could tell your past self one thing, what would it be?

Step into your fears and face them. You don’t know what will or won’t work until you’ve tried so be willing to embrace outside perspectives as opportunities. BE OPEN!

What is one item on your bucket list?

Honestly I don’t have a bucket list as I could never predict what life has already thrown at me. I just want to see where it goes.

What quote most resonates with you?

Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.

What is your general outlook on life?

You get out of life what you put in. Nothing will ever go as you expected so embrace the journey and be willing to take risks.

What brings you the most joy?

When I see something with diet and exercise just CLICK for a client….that and drinking margaritas with Ryan anywhere near the beach.

If you could learn one skill instantly, what would it be? 


If you could eliminate one word from the English language, what would it be?


What is your favorite simple pleasure?

That pump from a really good glute burner. No joke.

What is an unpopular opinion you hold?

We can always move forward and improve no matter what. I believe we are ultimately in control. Stuff happens of course that we can’t control, but we still always have a choice in our perspective and how we take actions.

What do you believe is underrated?

Macros. And being open. 

What do you believe is overrated?

Healthy foods – clean eating

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

My awkwardness. And odd decision making skill to live with what I’ve chosen.

What is the oddest way you ever accidentally hurt yourself?

Slipping on a puddle I was trying to jump over in the street in Palm Springs.

What is one trend you wish would come back in style?

Low rise leggings. I have a short torso. High waisted pants go up to my bra.

What is your favorite kind of weather? 

Hot. Sunny. 90 degrees. Basically I don’t mind sweating.

What is your favorite pump up song

Lizzo – Like A Girl But previously Fort Minor Remember The Name (I’ll always love this)

What is your favorite tv show?

The Office 

What is your favorite childhood memory

I honestly don’t know…It’s those in between moments I feel are so special that you remember but they’re not really stories.

Like when my mom told me I had to walk home if I beat her at tennis. She was joking but I think it did make me nervous.

Or like random moments just making meals together. Or car trips to tennis tournaments with my mom when we would just talk about random things.

Those moments that aren’t truly special but just have that FEELING when you think back on them. 

What is your favorite type of workout

Picking up heavy shizzle

What is your favorite food to cook

Uhm…one that is cooked for me!? 3 ingredient peanut butter hershey kiss cookies.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten

Probably something at this sushi tasting in Japan, but I wouldn’t know because they served us whatever they wanted.

What movie or tv quote do you repeat the most

Inappropriately – that’s what she said.

Also inappropriately – “I don’t give a flying fart in space” which I couldn’t remember even where that came from.