Often we DEFEND previous dieting and exercise practices as having “worked” for us because we did see potentially an immediate result from them.

Yet often as we are defending these old ways of doing things, we’re fighting against something new we’ve sought out because we no longer have the result we wanted.

Aka the habits or routines weren’t sustainable.

So the question that always comes to mind for me is…

Did it really work?

My answer?


It may have been a short-term fix. But that immediate pay off even is potentially why you’re now struggling.

Let’s breakdown why this is the case so you can see why you need to let go of “what used to work” if you actually want to create a new and better result…

1: The habits and routines simply weren’t based on your realistic lifestyle.

– They weren’t actually something we could replicate once that motivation wears off
– We simply don’t enjoy them
– The second we go off plan, we don’t know how to find balance or get back on track
– We get burnt out and don’t know how to move forward when life gets in the way
– We’re doing so much it isn’t realistic to our schedule
– We mentally and physical have to use so much willpower to replicate them at some point we run out of steam

2: The habits and routines actually ultimately created metabolic adaptations that led to the results reversal.

– We made our body more efficient at using less energy
– We created hormonal imbalances we have to recover from
– We lost muscle – created metabolic adaptations
– All of these things make it easier to regain the weight and harder to lose again without going through a re-training process

3: Fast results aren’t necessarily REAL results.

– Fast results just mean water weight and glycogen being lost.
– Severe calorie deficits may work at first but we adapt so results slow and it may cause more cravings which quickly backfire.
– You can’t out exercise or out diet time.

The simple fact is too…


Even if something did work in a specific situation with a specific lifestyle, if things change? Your habits need to change.

We need to realize that even if something worked, there may be a better way.

Even if something did work better, cycling to something new creates balance – going low carb to deplete may be key at points even if you do well on high carb or if you do well on low carb the whoosh effect adding back in carbs may help you over a plateau.

And change requires change.

If we want to see the opportunity, we need to actually be open to new systems!

Then we have to focus on 3 main things….

1. Macros
2. Workout progressions – designing for the time we have
3. Learning, tracking and adjusting with set end dates – Self Empowerment


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