While we each do have our own unique set of circumstances, our unique needs and goals, often there are some fundamental things we can adjust no matter what if we aren’t seeing the results we want.

There are actually 5 things I like to focus on first before we move into more of the details if a client comes to me saying they aren’t seeing the results they’d like…

#1: They’re underestimating how many calories they’re actually consuming.

So if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “But I eat so clean. I don’t know why I’m not seeing results.”

You have to take food quality out of the equation.

Because we can even overeat unhealthy foods.

I don’t know about you, but I’m horrible at knowing a tbsp of peanut butter…especially if I really want it.

I’ve personally only better learned to eyeball my portions since really measuring and tracking.

And even then I know my stress, fatigue, and even desire for a food can impact what my portions end up looking like.

Too often too, we ignore bites, licks and nibbles. We snack on more than we realize.

This is why tracking is key.

It shows us when we are not only overeating calories in general, but even when our portions and macros aren’t in line with our goals.

Heck, you may even find you’re UNDER EATING, which, while different, is still a misestimation of the actual fuel you need.

Bottom line – track your food!

#2: Overestimating how many calories they’ve burned.

If I could get rid of calorie trackers I would.

I love data but calories burned unfortunately is generally misused data.

A. It’s why so many actually focus on training harder over training smarter and workouts become just a chance to burn more calories and turn into cardio sessions.

B. It makes us think we should eat more when we really shouldn’t.

C. Those trackers don’t account for us getting in BETTER shape.

D. They really just aren’t accurate. If you have to pick type of workout or start a workout it’s using an algorithm also try swinging your arms more with your watch and watch how much more things add up!

Using a tracker can easily lead to you thinking you’re creating more of a defect than you are and overeating.

And just remember, the more in shape you are, the more you’ll need less fuel to perform the same activities that you once needed way more for.

It’s why training for that first race you may have seen weight loss eating the same way you are now!

#3: Doing more over dialing in everything focused on your goals.

It’s easy to fall prey to the do more attitude. But more isn’t better. It can lead to a point of diminishing returns and us simply getting burned out.

We can’t out exercise or out diet time.

Over training and under fueling can lead to not only burn out but also hormonal imbalances and metabolic adaptions.

We end up creating too big a deficit through our training and fueling which creates metabolic adaptations due to our bodies’ survival instinct.

And truly we do just make everything feel unsustainable by trying to do more to lose faster.

Everything we include should have a purpose. That ultimately leads to not only sustainable habits but lasting results.

So focus on training smarter not just harder. Focus on macros and not just calories.

Learn what you truly need to fuel.

#4: We focus on the 1% over the basics.

Don’t get me wrong, I use supplements. I sell supplements. I like supplements.

But supplements are supplemental.

Too often we stress details like supplements over first doing all that we can with those fundamentals.

Focus on a clear workout progression. Focus on dialing in your macros.

Track what you’re doing. Then tweak.

You can adjust ratios over time. Add in supplements. Switch meal timings. Focus on pre and post workout macro breakdowns.

But none of that matters if you aren’t doing the basics consistently.

There is no magic food or magic move. There is just the boring basics done consistently over and over and over again.

Like brushing your teeth….it may not be fun but it’s that boring basic that really pays off!

#5: We try to out exercise our diet.

One of the things we often “get away with” when we’re younger is working out to create the calorie deficit so we don’t have to adjust how we eat.

But honestly, the reason we also struggle later in life to maintain our muscle mass and stay leaner is BECAUSE this is how we approached staying in shape all along.

You can’t just focus on creating that deficit through training. You have to dial in your fueling.

This is key if you want to build and retain lean muscle mass as you get older – especially since it becomes harder and harder as we age.

Not to mention this is the best way to make sure we can eat enough and not train so hard to create metabolic adaptations.

Often in our attempt to out exercise our diet we actually negatively impact our training intensity. We do more over pushing harder for less time!


As much as we sometimes don’t want to own up to doing these things, most of us have been guilty of one if not all of these habits.

And instead of focusing on changing these things, we do get caught up in the details.

Dial in those fundamentals. Repeat those boring habits. Stay focused on measuring and tracking what you’re doing.
What gets measured, gets managed!