Honestly the more we want overnight results, the less likely we are to truly see the results we want and deserve.

Fad diet results often not only aren’t real results, but they aren’t lasting results because we haven’t truly created sustainable habit changes.

So as much as I know we all want results yesterday, we have to get ready to make some true lifestyle changes if we want to see the amazing results we deserve.

That’s why I wanted to share 6 things that often hold us back from truly reaching our goals…

1: Trying to out exercise and out diet time.

The more we try to do more to get results faster, often the less sustainable the habits are and the quicker we burn ourselves out.

Sure we may see slightly faster results, but often we just waste a ton of effort spinning our wheels.

Because the simple fact of the matter is, we can’t out exercise or out diet time and often results need time to build.

Plus we have to go through a learning process to realize what our body truly needs.

Instead of trying to do more short term, focus on the small changes you can create to build.

Too often we simply overestimate what we can do short term, while underestimating what we can accomplish long term with consistency.

So find ways to help yourself get consistent and realize that build is truly needed.

And by doing more often we just sabotage our own consistency making ourselves run out of self control and willpower so we fall off our plan.

2: Not taking pictures and measurements and recognizing the progress along the way.

This may even mean tracking your pace for your race or anything else that is focused on your goal.

But too often we just see our end goal and we just see how far we still are from it.

If we want to make progress forward and keep ourselves focused though, we need to recognize the changes along the way AND we need to track different types of progress.

With weight loss, don’t just use the scale. Measure. Take pictures.

Even focus on performance goals along the way that you know will help you stay consistent in your training.

Find ways of measuring and showing yourself progress in ways that you can celebrate daily and even weekly.

As cliche as it is, even find ways to celebrate consistency in habits as we know those things done daily will build as unsexy as they may be!

3: Not reminding yourself of how long it took you to gain/how long you’ve been NOT at your ideal.

We often didn’t get into your current position overnight, and we won’t correct it overnight either.

I think often it is even key we recognize how long we’ve been struggling to give ourselves perspective when we wish results would happen faster.

We have to remember that the longer we’ve been away from our goal, the longer it will take to get back there as our body doesn’t like change. Our body thinks where it is at is normal and best.

So the longer we’ve been at this “normal” the more our body will fight changes, even if they are good changes.

It can even be good to set out a calendar or chart that reminds you of how short, in comparison, you’ve been working at a goal. Sometimes seeing the visual reminds us to appreciate the gains we’ve truly seen in a shorter time!

4: Trying to avoid the hard.

The more we look for a quick fix, the more we set ourselves up for a lot of wasted time and effort and huge ups and downs.

Sure you may see results initially but that Keto diet working for you that you ultimately can’t sustain is just you wasting time and effort avoiding the true learning process.

I know everyone loves to hate on macros but macros are the dieting fundamentals.

I know people want workouts of the day, but progressions show you the build so you can track what is and isn’t working.
Stop searching for the new sexy thing. Go back to basics. Seek to really learn about your lifestyle and how you mentally and physically respond to changes.

The more we can stay focused on who we are and the goals we have, the more we can make 1% improvements that truly add up.

So as hard and as sucky and as frustrating as it can be to be BAD at something new, stop trying to find a way around the hard. Embrace it and head right into it! You’ll ultimately get there faster!

5: Not tracking.

What we measure, we can manage.

When you track, you have accurate data to make changes. You don’t have to guess or wonder at what is or isn’t working.

Emotions can’t win out and make you “feel” like you aren’t making progress when changes are actually happening.
Data is objective and allows us to make changes.

That tracker isn’t telling you to feel guilty. It isn’t telling you to restrict. It’s telling you what YOU are doing so you can make changes and feel your best.

So remember data is power. It is the power to truly adjust what is going on in your life in a sustainable way vs letting feelings sabotage you or having to arbitrarily restrict.

The more data you have, the more you can learn what you need to even be able to be looser with tracking as you maintain your results.

Tracking can then be a tool we can return to whenever we need that push back toward a goal.

6: Believing results are all about discipline.

So often people will comment on my photos about my discipline. And while discipline is key to success, I think too often we try to overly rely on it and that is why we fail.

We try to out discipline life. We try to out discipline our needs. We pretend discipline is just infinite for some and it isn’t.
Self control is a gas tank that can become depleted very easily throughout the day.

And while discipline is having the habits a bit more ingrained so we replicate them at times when we don’t even want to, too often we try to force so many habits we can’t create that discipline with them before motivation fades.

Instead of trying to create all of these restrictions and massive changes, make small improvements.

Focus on who you truly are. The more you know yourself, the more you can work with your personal freakdom and lifestyle to make the healthiest version of your personal lifestyle.

The more you can base changes off of your current lifestyle, the less discipline you’ll need to use to replicate them and the more you’ll truly be able to build that new lifestyle that you need.

Because we do have to create changes that last to maintain our results. We have to realize we can’t go back to what we were doing BUT also that maintaining often doesn’t just mean doing what we did to get to a goal.
So focus on learning. Focus on improving daily. Focus on small habits. Those will allow you to build momentum and ingrain them so you don’t have to feel like you’re out disciplining life and what you want to do in life to ENJOY it.


Remember changes will not happen overnight. And the more we focus on who we are and what we need and make those 1% improvements the better our long-term results will be.
We all want results yesterday, but we need to take ownership of our journey and embrace TIME if we truly want to succeed!