As kids some of us loved asking WHY…like annoyingly so.

Ok…we were asking it often more JUST to be annoying, but still…as kids there is a curiosity there to understand more of our world.

But at a certain age, we stop….we stop assessing and being as curious.

However, as annoying as constantly being asked WHY is, we need to embrace our inner child more if we want to learn and grow.

If we want to overcome our own self limiting beliefs and doubts, if we want to break free of the self imposed limitations and negative mindsets, we need to start asking ourselves WHY.

Think about it, how often do you ask yourself WHY you have a specific belief?

How often do you ask yourself, WHY you believe something is a certain way?

How often have you asked yourself WHY you feel you’re good or bad at something?

Why you like or dislike things?

Why you’ve succeed or failed at certain activities or ventures?

Why you are willing or unwilling to do certain things?

Why you even expect certain results.

Think about all of the times we make statements, especially in opposition to making a change, yet never really question WHY.

We just accept things as fact and never dig any deeper.

Kind of interesting when you think about all of the things you’ve never really questioned or assessed.

We either just rule things out or even condemn ourselves for actions without really assessing WHY they happen.

We just even think there is something wrong with us at times…

Like think about eating out of stress.

We’ve all probably done it…

And usually we just feel guilty, which leads to us eating more or even falling off or giving up on our program completely.

But when was the last time you asked yourself WHY you did it?

Why did it happen?

Why did you feel the need to eat out of stress?

Why couldn’t you stop yourself?

Why do you even feel guilty when you’re a human and we’ve all been there?

And of course not just asking WHY but even WHAT you could do to change those things.

What could you do next time to stop or change the behavior?

What could you do to help yourself move forward now?

To often we don’t pause and assess to learn.

And getting in the habit of learning to ask WHY can help us do that.

It can help us overcome false beliefs about ourselves that hold us back.

Like you saying you can’t do something…


When was the last time you actually tested this or worked to improve at it?

Or you saying you’re too old…

Why does getting older have to stop you?

Why do you believe that age has anything to do with what you’re experiencing? Couldn’t it be other lifestyle factors adding up?

Or even saying you don’t have the time or any number of excuses…

Why can’t you make the time?

Why can’t you work around your schedule?

Why can’t you do something small instead?

Instead of questioning our belief, our excuses or even realizing our priorities, we make statements and hold ourselves back.

Or believing that a certain habit or routine is something specific…

Like for example tracking macros…

Why do you think it is restrictive?

What made it restrictive in the past so you can avoid that now?

Or Keto…

Why didn’t it work for you before?

Because you cut out carbs?

Why did cutting out carbs make it hard? Was it really cutting out the carbs or simply the restriction in general? Telling yourself you can’t have something?

While it may seem unimportant to dive into exactly what it was that sabotaged you, it can truly make all the difference.

Because it being just that you cut out carbs is very different than that it triggered a restrictive mindset as seemingly small a difference as that may seem.

With one just learning to balance in the carbs may be key. With the other you may find any diet that eliminates ANYTHING or simply tells you NOT to include something will make you obsess over it.

The key is in breaking things down to understand the nuance in our feelings, thoughts and actions.

Start QUESTIONING yourself and your beliefs.


Be that annoying kid to yourself and ask yourself WHY far too many times if you feel yourself resisting a change or believing something negative about yourself.

The more we can dive into the WHY behind things, the more we can truly learn what we need and give ourselves the opportunity to make changes and succeed.

There is more nuance to life than we often realize or take the time to recognize.

But the more we ask why the more we can see the shades of grey that really exist and give ourselves the best chance to improve daily!

So this week, take a second to assess a few beliefs you have about yourself. Take a second to look at habits and changes you’ve resisted. Take a look at excuses you’ve made….

And ask yourself WHY you believe or feel or think these things!

And don’t just stop at one. Really annoyingly dive in!