I think sometimes we WANT a change.

We WANT a new and better result…

But we aren’t truly READY to do what it takes to make a change.

And so we will never succeed no matter how motivated we are.

Now you may be thinking how can I be motivated but not ready?

Because motivation is the DESIRE to do something.

Being truly READY to make a change means you’re in the headspace to make sacrifices. You’re capable of doing the hard.

You’re ready to embrace things that make you question what you’ve always done and challenge you to get outside your comfort zone.

Ready is about more than wishing or hoping for a change…it means you’re prepared to do the hard to get the result.

And all too often the reason we buy a program and never start despite being motivated is because we aren’t ready for the challenge of change.

Because change is hard.

Now if you’re thinking….

“I’m motivated so how do I know if I’m ready?”

I wanted to share some tips I’ve found helpful for clients to take that motivation and let it propel them into being ready to do what is necessary to get results.

Tips To Help You Be READY To Make A Change:

#1: Does the pain of staying stuck outweigh the pain of change?

It’s “painful” not being at your goal. It’s sucky to be unhappy.

BUT it is also super uncomfortable to make a change.

In order to actually want to move forward, it has to be less painful to make a change than to stay stuck.

Now motivation makes you WANT that change, but being ready means when actually faced with the hard you still want to confront it.

So right now make a list of the challenges you will face with making a change to reach your goals.

You may find your motivation starts to fade as you confront the challenges. You may find you’re like…

“Well that sucks!”

But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed.

It just means you may have to ADJUST how you approach making changes to reduce the pain.

Sometimes less is more.

As tempting as it can be to “go all in” that may be creating a pain that is stopping you from truly being ready.

So reduce that pain.

Focus on one or two changes over ten.

Focus on small swaps, little tweaks.

But reduce that pain so you are READY to take that step forward, even if it is smaller than originally planned.

That will help you build momentum to make more changes!

#2: Ask yourself why you TRULY don’t want to stay stuck….

The more reasons WHY you have to do something, the more you’ll be willing to embrace the discomfort of change.

But you don’t only want to list out why you want the change, you want to list out why you don’t want to stay stuck.

This helps create more pain in staying where you are….so you’re more ready to embrace the pain of change.

Also, it’s very hard to feel the value in something we haven’t yet gotten…in something we’ve never attained.

It’s why it is so hard at times to stay focused on our long-term goal over immediate gratification.

You know how that gratification will make you feel RIGHT NOW.

You don’t fully know how you’ll feel with the end result…and you also know RIGHT NOW it won’t help.

So knowing how much our immediate, current feelings can power our actions, we can often really embrace and focus on the WHYs we have to remove our current negative feelings.

The more we embrace feeling how much we don’t like our current position….How little value you feel in staying stuck….

The more we can use that pain as a positive to make us ready for the change.

#3: Realize it is your choice…

Often the more we feel obligated to do something, the more we feel forced or restricted, the less we want to do it and the more we even think about what we can’t or aren’t supposed to do.

If you see making a change as an obligation, as you’re restricted from doing something else, you’re probably going to rebel very quickly.

Instead you want to embrace the changes as your choice. You want to realize you are choosing to pursue this goal.

You even want to see habit changes as what you will GET out of them over what you are removing or cutting out.

No you’re not going to like everything you do to make a change and create a new lifestyle to reach a new goal, but even the sacrifices you make are your CHOICE.

Sure something outside of your control may happen, but even then realize that you get to CHOOSE your response.

At any point you can choose to default back into what is comfortable and easy and hasn’t helped you reach your goals or you can choose to embrace the hard and keep moving forward.

But give yourself the power.

Realize that you aren’t restricting or obligated…you WANT these changes.

This will help you be ready for the ups and downs and even the difficult decisions that will come your way.


Getting started making a change is the hardest part and part of that is because we aren’t really fully ready to make a change.

We aren’t prepared for the “hard” that we will encounter.

Instead of letting your motivation fade, instead of buying that program you never start, consider what will help you get ready to actually move forward.

Consider what has held you back in the past. Realize what you need to do to move forward.

And then truly recognize that it is your choice to decide that the pain of staying stuck is worse than the pain of doing something new and challenging where you could risk failure!

Only once we find a way to embrace the pain of change can we actually get moving forward toward our goals!