Honestly succeeding at anything in my opinion is hard. It often means doing things we don’t like.

Sticking with things even when there doesn’t seem to be progress.

Not only putting up with failures but embracing them and learning from them…

There is lots of not so fun things along the road to success…but you have to find ways to embrace these things if you want to see results and maintain them.

That’s why I wanted to share some “truths” I’ve found that I think taking ownership of is key if you want to see long-term success….

1: You’ll Always Have Doubts – Everyone Does

We will always doubt our own progress, doubt if something is working.

We will always doubt OURSELVES and our abilities.

Doubt isn’t bad.

As long as we see it as a chance to productively question and learn over dooming ourselves with doubt.

And I think the first step in embracing doubt to use it constructively is to realize that EVERYONE has doubts.

2: It’s Always A Balancing ACT

You’re never going to be perfect with your habits, with your plan.

We always will get caught in the immediate at times over the long term.

The key is realizing that there will be swings in our balance at times and that it is OK to sometimes go off track.

The key is always learning from it to see how we can keep creating something more balanced for ourselves.

Heck it is even at times realizing that a swing one way, while unbalanced, is needed to restore focus and balance.

Sometimes we need to let things slide a bit, say during the holidays, to be as dialed in as we want at other times of the year.

Embracing and learning about yourself through these ebbs and flows is key.

And realize your balance may change over time as your priorities shift!

3: There Will Always Be Steps Back

Progress is never linear. And the more successful you become at anything, the more you will realize your weak links or issues that snuck in there that you hadn’t noticed.

So the more you’ll even WANT to embrace and preemptively even take steps back.

Regress to progress is one of my favorite sayings and with good reason.

We are never above dialing in those basics.

We can always use those reminders.

We can all use at times being that beginner and taking ourselves back to that learning phase.

Sometimes we will take steps back consciously and other times we will be forced to. But the key is always seeing it as an opportunity to use these times to ultimately move forward faster.

Don’t let your ego slow you down because you’re unwilling to step back.

4: Stop The “Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner?!”

We’ve all thought this…we’ve all fought a habit because it felt overwhelming or hard to start only to finally do it and realize “Holy moly…this is the best thing ever!”

And then we’d wished we’d done it sooner.

You can’t ever fully avoid that. We don’t like change.

HOWEVER, I think knowing that what feels natural and instinctual and sustainable to start is just what we’ve always done and that no change will ever feel that way until we give it time…

We can catch and stop ourselves from avoiding doing the hard and having that thought after of why didn’t I do this sooner.

When you feel yourself wanting to shy away from the new, assess why.

Assess why something doesn’t feel sustainable and realize it may be just because it isn’t what you’ve always done.

And even if you think it won’t be sustainable long term, it is at times key you experiment with an end date! Maybe you just at least try it out because you know it will kickstart things.

Moving forward and doing a bit more at times to get the ball rolling can help you ease back to something more moderate but help you even make some changes you wouldn’t have embraced if you hadn’t done MORE to start.

5: Realize You’ll Never Be Done.

The curse of wanting more is you’ll always want more.

There will always be things to improve, to make more efficient, to make better.

However you have to find the balance of enjoying your success and being ENOUGH while still wanting to always strive to grow and learn.

Life is never standing still and we never have to say enough is enough BUT we can’t gloss over what we’ve achieved or we will always be searching for something to make us happy.

No amount of achievements will make you happy if you aren’t enjoying the learning process to some extent.

So realize it is ok to always want more but you can’t gloss over your victories along the way!