Talking to Sarah – she’s like…

“It didn’t get easier this week! You lied!”

And I said back, “Did you use a harder variation? Did you finish the workout faster?”

She said…“Yes.”

“Then it DID get easier.”

With training, you will ALWAYS feel challenged, because you’ll always be reaching for that next thing.

But you’ll see the progression in how far you can run and how fast you do it…or the weights you can lift for more reps…

But no…it never FEELS easier.

We are just stronger, fitter, faster, more confident…

I don’t share this to be negative but I think this delusion that things will at some point be “easy” holds us back…because it makes us ignore how much more we can do…

Whether in the gym or other areas of our life.

And even habits that do become fully ingrained…well we don’t always want to do them!

This isn’t a bad thing either.

It’s just a fact.

It’s why you…

#1: Always want to track progress to truly see progression and not let “feelings” derail you!

#2: Focus on tracking all the different ways you’re growing!

#3: Recognize that feeling MENTALLY tired can be a reason to take a diet break, switch ratios or even use a de-load week. Just because we CAN push through doesn’t always mean we should.

#4:  Sometimes embrace doing the minimum to stay consistent.

Realize that strength doesn’t come from NOT doing hard things…it is built going through the hard.

And pushing those limits never feels easier, but you are able to handle more!