If you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, you’ve got to face some cold hard facts…

As much as we like to just get excited about a new goal when we are motivated and even tell ourselves that it will be “easy,” to help ourselves embrace the change, this actually sabotages our long-term success.

Because there will be challenges. And the more we can prepare for them, the better off we will be!

#1: You get good at, and used to, what you consistently do.

Results come not from what we do every once in awhile, but what we do daily.

However, what feels natural is also what we’ve trained our body and mind to see as natural.

Often we have to UNLEARN old patterns and habits before we can learn new ones.

For example, you may find you can track for a few weeks and then fall off. At some point, you have to push through this hurdle. You have to acknowledge the hard and believe your goals are worth the sacrifice.

#2: There is no ideal plan.

One size doesn’t fit all.

What worked for you before, may not work for you later.

Because we are constantly evolving – our bodies, needs, goals and lifestyles are constantly changing.

So in order to create the perfect plan or you, you have to know where you are currently at to accurately adjust.

Meeting ourselves where we are at allows us to make small changes so we aren’t dependent constantly on willpower.

So we don’t get overwhelmed.

So we can actually create habits that stick.

It helps us create a lifestyle so we then think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!”

#3: Your body fights the weight loss process.

The longer you’ve had the weight on, the longer you haven’t been at your goal, the harder the process will be because your body doesn’t like change.

And then as you try to get your body to even do something it’s never done, lose those last few pounds for instance, it is going to rebel more and more.

The longer even you’ve been dieting, the more you’ll start to feel things adding up.

Realizing this and planning in other ways to measure success, or even strategic breaks, is key!

#4: It’s going to be boring and hard.

The things that work aren’t the sexy 1% tweaks. They are the boring basics done daily. And at times, it will be hard to want to do them.

We never want to do what we should 100% of the time.

BUT these things are what allow us to enjoy life in the way we want.

These are the little sacrifices we make to do more of what we love!

#5: Your mindset matters most.

You can have the exact macros you need, the exact workout plan in place, but if you don’t implement it, if you don’t trust in it, you’re not going to fully use it and see results.

Too often we doom ourselves with doubt.

We have a plan that would work, but we just don’t fully take action or trust in the process long enough for results to build.

We doubt it will work and then we don’t truly make the changes consistently but convince ourselves we have so we give up when we don’t see the results we feel we deserve.

Even sometimes causing ourselves to fail because we’ve done MORE…which, in our head, feels like it should have worked out better.

But if you’re going to do a program, DO THE PROGRAM.

Believe in it and expect to LEARN even if you don’t hit your exact goal as fast as you’d like.

Because often, as skeptical as we can be, we can ultimately see better results faster when we go all in and do trust the process knowing we will get something out of it no matter what!