00:00 – Intro

Fad diets promise a quick fix or easy solution, but not only do they not lead to LASTING results they could also even be bad for your health and KILL you.

I’m not trying to scare you or be overly dramatic.

But some of the fad diets popping up on social media recently have been incredibly dangerous.

That’s why Michelle wants to share 5 popular fad diets that can have serious consequences to your overall health while NOT leading to the lasting weight loss results you want.

And I’ll share other tips to help you filter through the BS fads you see to make sure you’re implementing a program that will help you rock those results!

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05:24 – Signs of a Fad Diet

We all think we’d know the signs of a fad diet, but I can tell you…some can really be deceptive and seem a lot healthier than they are.

That’s why I wanted to share some questions I always ask myself and my clients when reviewing a new trend out there.

#1: Is this being promoted by someone I trust to do their research?

#2: What studies have been done about this?

#3: Does it seem too good to be true?

#4: Is it boring? Is it founded in the basics?

#5: Does it rely on drugs or supplements or things I can ONLY buy from this one source?

#6: Does it involved food related items or very restrictive guidelines?

#7: Does it demonize foods groups or huge range of things?

#8: Does it really limit what I can and can’t do in a way I could never sustain?

These questions can really help us assess not only dangerous fads, BUT even styles of eating that may not be right for us long term.

Because as much as what we do to reach a goal isn’t what we will do to maintain it, we have to make HABIT CHANGES based on fundamentals that will allow us to evolve with guidance.

We still want to be laying the foundation!

07:43 – 5 Dangerous Fad Diets – Interview with Redefining Strength Dieitiain Michelle

33:10 – If nothing changes, nothing changes

With chatting about fad diets, I think it is key we remember that if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Even if we lose the weight doing one of these things, or even if it is something doctor recommended like a weight loss drug or surgery…

We will only MAINTAIN our results if we actually change our lifestyle.

Old lifestyle habits are going to yield the same results and the same backslide into our old situation.

So even if you decide some way to get a result is right for you, you need to have an exit strategy.

You’ve got to embrace learning the basics.

And the best way to do that is to see what your current diet and workout routine looks like and make small tweaks.

Assess how foods make you feel. Do you feel full? Hungrier? More energized? Does something lead to more cravings?

Assess what you could cut out to easily adjust your calorie intake.

Focus on learning what is in the foods you eat. Track foods in a tracker without even making changes…just to learn the calorie intake, what a portion looks like and even the protein, carbs and fats in things.

You may be surprised.

From here, make ONE change.

And make that change not feel painful.

If you’re not working out, this may be to add in a walk or a 5 minute session.

If you’re drinking 5 sodas a day, it may mean cutting out one.

It may be swapping one empty snack for a fruit or vegetable.

But recognize, that ultimately you have to change your lifestyle if you want to maintain your results.

You can’t just go back to your old lifestyle and expect to maintain the changes you’ve seen or you’ll end up repeating that dieting roller coaster and see the process become harder and harder over time!