Many healthy terms and habits have evolved over time.

Keto now is not what keto originally was.

Tabata now refers to so many variations of intervals it didn’t originally stand for.

And I don’t think the evolution of terms is a bad thing.

HOWEVER, these healthy terms can become distorted and misused to market things to us that actually sabotage our results.

We can also stop seeing the NUANCE in things which makes us demonize foods or training methods that may actually benefit us.

That’s why I want to discuss some of the ways these terms can be used to mislead us or even impact our results and habits!

And I’m excited for Michelle to go over some ways you’ll find food labels try to deceive us and ultimately sabotage our weight loss results!

00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Nutrition Lingo
08:35 – Busting Food Labels
32:38 – Does diet matter most
38:59 – misleading workout terms