Muscle stokes our metabolic fire.

Often if we just focused on building muscle, we would ultimately be leaner and see fat loss results faster.

Yet so often our previous dieting practices have already sabotaged our metabolic health.

The good thing is our metabolism isn’t just broken.

BUT often there are a couple of key things we’ve done to kill our metabolism in the first place…

Things we have to reverse that I’m going to go over here.

And I’m excited to have on RS Coach Rachel to discuss how to eat more to lose fat as well as some of the mindset struggles we may have.

But first I want to really outline the dieting pattern that leads to metabolic adaptations and what we need to do to make a change now….

00:00 intro
00:58 Metabolic Mindset
06:32 Eat More To Lose Fat
31:46 Smoothie Recipe
33:54 Metabolic Magic