In this episode I discuss how to design a workout schedule or split that meets your needs and goals, but most importantly fits your SCHEDULE!


  • Design your workouts around a schedule that is REALISTIC!
  • The less frequently you train each week, the more full body you should go! Training less frequently, like only 3 times a week? Do more full body. Training more frequently, like 6 times a week? Use hemisphere or body part splits even.
  • Consider how LONG your sessions are when designing your workouts and schedule. If you only have 30 minutes, you may want to do more full body. If you have longer, you can focus more on one muscle group or area.
  • The equipment you have, and moves you include, will also determine your workout design. If you are lifting heavier loads and using weights, you may train an area less frequently over the week. If you’re using bodyweight only, you may train an area more frequently to create a bit more volume over the week.


  1. Your schedule really dictates what split you use. If it doesn’t fit your schedule and you can’t do it consistently, nothing else matters.
  2. There is no magic, miracle training split.
  3. Consider your needs, goals, training frequency, workout length and even the equipment you plan to use when designing your workout schedule.


  • The Macro Hacks Program – This program has 4 different exercise routines and has schedules for whether you workout 3,4,5 or 6 times a week!
  • The 30-Day Killer Core – Looking to build a killer, strong core? Cycle your workout intensity to target your core more frequently in this amazing 30 day program!