In this episode I discuss why we need to LEARN the fundamentals of our nutrition instead of just searching for another fad diet. If we want to be able to adjust our diet as our needs and goals change over time, we need to understand MACROS!


  • Macros matter most! Are they confusing to start? Sure! Is logging frustrating and a lot of work to start? Sure. But change requires change! There is no fast fix that lasts!
  • Long-term results come from actually understanding the breakdown of the foods we eat.
  • It’s not just calories in vs. calories out.


  1. STOP SEARCHING FOR A QUICK FIX! Suck it up and commit to learning about the fundamentals of nutrition!


  • The Macro Hacks Program – Learn how to dial in your diet to meet your needs and goals as those needs and goals change over time. There is no fast fix! Just the fundamentals of nutrition…and some bonus amazing workouts!