In this episode I discuss how inconsistency can KILL our results without us even realizing it. While I talk often about consistency being the key, I think it is also important that we realize why and HOW inconsistency can work against us!


  • Changes don’t happen because of what we do every “once in awhile.”
  • Inconsistency can lead to the “But I was good all week” frustration.
  • We can never stop doing what got us results!
  • If you haven’t made the progress you want, but FEEL like you’re working hard, take a step back and take that bird’s eye view of your week or month. How consistent were you really?


  1. You can’t do things “once in awhile” and expect results.
  2. We get good at what we do CONSISTENTLY.
  3. Focus on small changes you can build off of!


  • The Macro Hacks Program – The best results happen when our diet and workouts work together CONSISTENTLY. Here’s how to build a routine that allows both to work together so you can get lasting results!
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