In this episode I discuss how we can move forward during difficult times when so much is unknown and out of our control. Just remember that even during these times, when it feels like the situation will last forever, this too shall pass.


  • We can’t control what we can’t control. Focus on what you CAN do to move forward. Focus on your REACTION to the events.
  • While it feels like this will last forever, it won’t! This too shall pass!
  • Find little things you can do to move forward. Even if our routines aren’t perfect, we can find ways to maintain our results and come out of this stronger!
  • 4 Tips To Help You Move Forward During These Stressful Times!


  1. Be caring and give people some extra love and kindness!
  2. Find ways to get some ME time!
  3. Focus on the healthy habits you CAN CONTROL! 
  4. Stay connected!


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