In this episode I discuss why you need to ask yourself “Where do I feel working?” during your workouts. Being present and intentional with our workouts is key!


  • Proper form and proper recruitment patterns are not one in the same. We can mimic a proper movement but end up compensating and overusing muscles that shouldn’t be carry as much of the load.
  • By asking ourselves what we feel working we can make sure to get the most out of movements. If your lower back is taking over during ab work, guess what isn’t going to benefit the way you want it to…YOUR ABS! 
  • Getting the correct muscles working will help us get better results from our workouts while avoiding injury.
  • Three tips to help you get the correct muscles working – use activation moves, regress movements and use intervals!


  1. Use activation exercise to make sure the correct muscles are working.
  2. Don’t be afraid to regress to progress if you don’t feel the correct muscles working.
  3. Utilize interval training.