With any goal comes sacrifice.

Plain and simple.

And the more “elite” the level you want to reach? The more sacrifices you’ll probably have to make.

Especially if you want results faster.

While of course we can’t out work time to some extent, the more we want results…well…now…the more sacrifices we will have to make.

Versus the longer we are willing to commit to the process?

Well the less “perfect” you often need to be because you are willing to be in it for the long haul.

And consistency goes a long way when we give it time.

However, while we may not have to be as “perfect,” we then do need to sacrifice more “time.”

There is always a “catch.” 😉

But, anyway, I bring this up because I think too often we set ourselves up for failure when it comes to reaching our goals because we aren’t willing to endure the sacrifices.

We don’t face them before getting started.

Instead we look for a magic pill. A quick and easy fix.

And the second we hit that difficult situation, that sacrifice? We give up.

But sorry…there really is no magic pill. That’s not really how life works haha

So the more we can go in with our eyes wide open about the “cost” of reaching our goals?

The better off we will be.

It’s not being negative. It’s being realistic.

It’s about facing the “worst” and knowing whether the cost is worth the reward to us.

It’s also about realizing that “sacrifices” aren’t really sacrifices if you want something that much.

Is the goal WORTH IT to you?

We have to remember that with every decision we make, we are “missing out” on something else. 

We also have to recognize that what we see as a means to reaching our goals, others may call OBSESSION.

But sometimes we have to risk being a little “obsessed” to reach our goals. We have to go that extra mile that others aren’t willing to go.

It really comes down to…what do you value most?
There is no right or wrong choice or goal.

Life is about pursuing what matters to us.

It’s just always key we understand there is a cost to every decision we make.

That we are always sacrificing something in favor of something else.