I think we’ve all been guilty of this – getting close to our goals, wanting to celebrate, see how far we can push things.

Heck sometimes we are just tired of being diligent. We only have a set amount of willpower and self control.

So even if we’ve enjoyed something, it doesn’t mean at times we don’t want to “buck” the system. Sleep in late. Skip the workout. Not track our food.

So what do you do when you’re finding that you’re SOOOO close to your goal yet oddly wanting to sabotage your own results by doing things you know you…well…shouldn’t?!

Here are a few tips to help you through the self sabotage.

  1. Realize it happens. We are only human. We do have other stressors. There will be ups and downs. And at those times, recognize that even if we are close, sometimes we do need a break. Do a de-load workout week. Set a diet break. Do a calculated “rest” period to reset physically and mentally.
  2. Assess what triggers you to plan better even for the future when it happens. Is it that you start to feel restricted? Is it that you’re bored? Is it that your goal is no longer exciting? The more we recognize the WHY behind it, the more we can adjust our plan or even recognize that we do really want to keep pushing.
  3. Set new goals. Often when we start to let up it’s because we don’t feel the pressure, or excitement, to keep driving forward. Set some new performance goals if you’re finding you’re close to your weight loss goals. Give yourself a new focus. 
  4. Have fun with experimenting. Sometimes we just need a change. Even in maintaining our results, we should constantly be having fun tweaking and adjusting. Try some new workouts. Or maybe some new recipes. But try something a little new in your habits to spice things up.
  5. Don’t feel guilty when it happens. There will just be days mentally you can’t seem to make yourself care. And even though you shouldn’t, you well, do it anyway. Don’t focus on these days. Don’t feel guilty. MOVE FORWARD. Learn from them!

We always need to take time to assess why a mindset happens. We shouldn’t just write it off as a lack of self control. The more we can learn about ourselves the more we can adjust over time.

And the key is also BEING FORGIVING. We may be amazing, but we are also human! There will be ups and downs and times we are less motivated and more motivated.

All we can do is learn and feel better.