The 20/20/20 4th Of July Bodyweight Blast!

If you need something quick before BBQing and celebrating on this wonderful 4th of July, try this Bodyweight 20/20/20 Blast.

Seems only appropriate for this wonderful Summer holiday! You can even take your workout outside to enjoy the sunshine!

The 20/20/20 Bodyweight Blast!

Set a timer for 20 second intervals. You will perform 2 exercises back to back for 20 seconds each, then rest 20 seconds between rounds. Complete 4-6 rounds then rest 1-2 minutes and move on to the next superset of exercises. Then stretch and roll out.

20 seconds Burpee Sit Thrus
20 seconds Lateral Crawls
20 seconds Rest

20 seconds Alternating Side Lunges
20 seconds T Push Ups
20 seconds Rest

20 seconds Squat Jacks
20 seconds Plank Skier Hops
20 seconds Rest

20 seconds Skater Hops
20 seconds Cherry Bombs
20 seconds Rest

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