The best way to really improve at something?

Well it starts by first admitting you suck at it haha

I think often we are scared to truly admit we aren’t good at something.

It’s hard recognizing our own flaws.

And we often even try to AVOID the tasks and that we aren’t good at.

We put them off. Try to find ways around doing them.

We even make EXCUSES to get out of doing them.

But the simple fact is, often if we want better results?

We’ve got to own up to what we are sucky at and learn to improve.

We may never enjoy those tasks.

But often they get more tolerable when we face them and improve at them.

We have to check our ego and realize that we are only as strong as our weakest link.

And there is nothing wrong with being bad at something. Most of us stink at something we’ve never done before!!!

The expert in anything was once the beginner and we are NEVER above learning and improving.

So if there are things you’re finding you aren’t good at – exercises that feel awkward, logging and measuring your food that seems challenging and weird – stop avoiding those tasks.

Face them head on, admit you suck at them and then work to improve.

We get good at the things we do consistently. 

And the stronger our weakest links are? Well the stronger and more able we are as a whole.

  1. Admit you suck at it
  2. Make one small change to build off of.
  3. Make one change at a time.
  4. Track progress to see that growth and celebrate it
  5. Include it with other things you enjoy – “guilty by association