Learning To Trust The Process

It’s incredibly difficult to trust the process. It’s like you’re telling yourself to just commit 100% and “wait and see” if it is going to work. 

And that’s hard because we don’t like the idea that we may be wasting time.

But the simple fact is, results take time to build. 

One week? Two weeks? Sure we can see results.

But committing for 6, 10, 12 or even 16 weeks?! Holy crap will those results add up!

So here are 4 Tips To Help You Trust The Process so you can actually see the results you want!

    1. Track. If you can see what you are doing you can see if it TRULY works. This holds us accountable and paints a clear picture of what is going on.
    2. Commit 100% to a program and don’t adjust it! If you don’t actually truly test something, you won’t know if it will work. And when you take a plan and then tweak it, you don’t know if it was the adjustments that actually helped you or held you back.
    3. Ask WHY! Do your research. Don’t just blindly follow! Understand why things are programmed. Try to break things down as you go through. That can even help you adjust if you you aren’t seeing the results you’d like.
    4. Commit to an end date. Even when trying to build a lifestyle, I think end dates are key. I set end dates for progressions and ratios even when maintaining. It gives us a point at which to assess and make changes or tweaks as needed. It gives you security that you aren’t just committing to something forever blindly. 

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