Use it or lose it!

Too often we let AGE determine what we can, and can’t, do! But age is just a number. 

And we can NEVER stop doing the things that make us move and feel better.

Honestly, often the things we think we are “too old” to do, we actually SHOULD be doing.

Don’t let age be your excuse to stop training hard. 

Here are 3 tips to help you maintain your strength and fitness until you’re 150 years old!

1. Focus on strength training. It’s key we lift heavy to build and maintain our lean muscle mass. Plus this can help us avoid falls and prevent injury!

2. Include lots of prehab or mobility work. It’s not just simply “getting older” that can make the injuries add up. It’s simply lifestyle factors accumulating over time. That’s why it’s key we address those postural distortions!

3. Challenge yourself with new things! The more we challenge ourselves with new moves, the more we can keep that mind-body connection strong! Some of those moves we think we are “too old” for, are the exact moves we should be doing to challenge our coordination!

The simple fact is…if we don’t use it, we lose it!

You’ve got to train with purpose to keep your body healthy!