In this episode I discuss how to stay on track while also relaxing and ENJOYING your vacation!


  • Remember that vacations aren’t necessarily the time to focus on habit changes. You have 300 some OTHER days of the year to focus on eating well and working out! So don’t be afraid to relax and enjoy!
  • Plan ahead! Go in with a plan for your workouts and your nutrition to help you strike a balance.
  • Be active and strike a balance! Staying active is key! Find fun things to do that get you moving and exploring. And plan in meals to indulge but also some ways to enjoy local cuisine while still eating well.


  1. Stay active!
  2. Plan in short workouts!
  3. ENJOY fun foods BUT be conscious of portions.
  4. Set days to indulge and days to dial in your nutrition a bit more.
  5. Know that DRINKING can impact things! 
  6. Go in with a PLAN especially for AFTER THE VACATION!