Progress…we have this vision of this straight line forward.

When in reality it’s this super curvy all over the place line that eventually moves “forward.”

And we all “know” progress is never linear.

Yet we all too often expect it to be.

We get upset at even the slightest set back or plateau.

We get upset at maintaining the amazing results we’ve already made.

And when we get frustrated?

We don’t keep moving forward. 

Nope we do things that are SURE to set us back.

And I think part of this comes from how we even measure progress.

We measure it only in terms of our overall, ultimate goal.

And we never take that step back each week to reflect.

It’s why I like to do weekly goal check ins with my one on one clients.

What did we do well this week? YUP! Recognizing the sometimes even super small habit changes that happened.

Because that consistency is PROGRESS.

What maybe didn’t you do well this week?

Because guess what?

Recognizing those mistakes or slight deviations? Well that self-awareness we can gain from that is progress.

And all of these things can keep us focused on what actually matters to progress.

All of these things can keep us in the moving forward mindset.

Progress is really just embracing the learning process.

A process we will truly be involved in the rest of our life.

So how can we change how we perceive progress to enjoy the process?

  1. Complete weekly checkins 
  2. Celebrate those other small victories. 
  3. Realize nothing will EVER happen “fast enough”
  4. And recognize that progress is progress no matter how small. And that even by learning from something that didn’t directly move us forward? We can end up moving forward! 

Don’t give up because things aren’t happening fast enough. Talk about a way to to for sure set yourself back.