You don’t need a cardio machine to get in a cardio workout at home.

Actually, you don’t need anything other than your own BODYWEIGHT to get in a killer workout ANYWHERE!

Here are 19 At-Home Exercises for some amazing quick cardio workouts you can do even when you’re short on time!

At-Home Workouts | Top 19 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do At Home

Get ready to sweat with these 19 moves. After I outline each move, which you’ll find at the time in the video above, I’ll share 4 fun ways to combine these into quick home workouts!

1. Switch Stance Burpees (0:44):

Work your legs and core with this killer cardio move!

burpee variations

To do Switch Stance Burpees, look straight ahead but rotate your body to the right so your feet are angled forward but facing slightly right. Stagger your back foot slightly forward of your front foot.

Then squat down to about parallel to the ground. You won’t want to stand up at any time once you start but will just pop back up into this squat.

From this squat position, place your hands down in front of you on the ground and jump your feet back into a plank so that you are now in a plank pointing straight ahead. Perform a push up with your body moving as one unit to drop your chest to the ground. Beginners can remove the push up or perform it from their knees.

Push back up and as you come up to the top of the plank, jump your feet in so you can come into a staggered stance squat facing to the left. Pause just briefly to sit in the squat.

Then jump back into a plank center, do a push up and jump into a staggered stance on the first side. Move quickly alternating staggered stance squats on each side.

2. Mountain Climber Burpee (0:56):

If you want a full-body, core-intensive exercise that will have you dripping in sweat, you’ll love this Mountain Climber Burpee.

To do the Mountain Climber Burpee, start standing tall. Then bend over and squat down to put your hands on the ground in front of your feet as you jump back into a high plank position. From this high plank position, perform a push up. Keep your body in a nice straight line as you lift and lower. Beginners can go down to their knees and come back up to their toes at the top for the knee tuck.

After pushing back up, tuck one knee in toward the same elbow. Then place the foot back and perform another push up. Once you push back up, tuck the other knee in. Do one final push up then jump your feet into your hands and stand back up. Jump at the top then repeat the move.

Beginners can also do this off an incline.

And while there are 3 full push ups, you can modify by taking out a push up and doing both knee tucks in a row. You can also modify the push ups by doing them from your knees or off an incline.

3. Snow Board And Ski (1:20):

This is another great leg and core workout all in one move!

To do Snowboard Hop Skiers, start with your feet in a slightly staggered stance and your back foot out in front of your front foot. Look forward over that front leg and then squat down to place your front hand down on the ground by your toe. Do not simply round over to place your hand on the ground. Squat down. Do not touch the ground if that means rounding over with your butt up.

Then jump up and rotate, switching to land in the slightly staggered stance on the other side. Sink down then reach your hands down to jump back into a high plank position from your feet and hands with your hands under your shoulders and feet close together.

Holding the plank, jump your feet up and in toward one side, bringing your knees as close to the outside of your elbow as possible.

Jump back into the high plank position center then jump your feet up to the other side, again bringing your knees as close to the outside of that elbow as possible. You want to feel your core rotate to tuck your knees up to the outside.

Jump back center then jump up and in to come into that snowboard squat position.

Lift your hands up and jump back to that first side before jumping back again to repeat the plank and skier hops to each side.

You can include just two snowboard hops and always jump back on the same side if you alternate which side you start with and have an even number of rounds. Or you can include 3 snowboard hops even so you are alternating sides you jump back for the skier hops on.

4. Tuck Jump To Plank Tucks (1:37):

While you’re not including a push up in this burpee variation, that doesn’t make it easier! The Tuck Jump makes it extra “fun!”


To do Tuck Jump to Plank Tucks, start standing tall before sinking to place your hands on the ground and jump your feet back into a high plank position with your hands under your shoulders and your feet a few inches apart.

Brace your abs and don’t let your hips sag as you jump both feet in to bring your knees close to your elbows. Try to jump in so your knees are at least under your hips if not closer in. Use your abs to try to get them just a few inches from your elbows.

Do not jump in so much that you sit back on your heels.

Then jump back out into the high plank position. Do not let your butt go up in the air and keep your hands under your shoulders.

From the high plank position, jump your feet all the way up to come back up to standing. As you come up to standing, swing your arms back and jump up, tucking your knees up toward your chest.

Land with your knees soft and then sink back down to move back into that high plank position before tucking your knees in again.

Beginners can do a squat jump or bodyweight squat instead of the tuck jump. They can also step back into the plank position and step one knee in at a time. And then extend one leg back out at a time to keep the move lower impact. You can also modify the plank and tuck by placing your hands up on a bench after the bodyweight squat if you can’t get down to the ground.

5. Bear to Crab (1:54):

Crawls are a great core exercise. And by combining these two crawls, you’ll work your shoulders, abs, glutes and even quads while getting your sweat on!

crawling exercise

To do the Bear to Crab Crawl, start on your hands and the balls of your feet with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Your knees should be just a few inches off the ground.

Begin to crawl forward stepping one hand and the opposite foot forward. Then move the other hand and foot. Keep alternating sides, making sure the opposite arm and leg step at the same time

Crawl a few steps on each side (based on the space you have). Then lift one hand and kick the opposite knee under your body as you rotate your chest open toward the ceiling.

Pivot on the foot and hand that is down so you can rotate into a tabletop bridge. You will place both feet flat on the ground with your chest pointing up toward the ceiling and hands on the ground down at about shoulder height.

Begin to crab crawl, stepping one foot and the opposite hand forward. Then the other foot and hand. Your hands can be pointed out to the sides to put less stress on your shoulders.

Crab crawl back to the start then flip back over, reaching your hand over your body toward the ground as you pivot on your feet to bring one knee back under and through to return to that bulldog position on your hands and the balls of your feet.

6. Bulldog Run (2:10):

There is just something fun about this one. Plus it’s a killer shoulder, ab and quad burner!

To do the Bulldog Run, set up on your hands and knees with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Flex your feet and lift up onto the balls of your feet.

Keeping this position, engaging your upper back to support your shoulders and avoid shrugging, lift one foot up at a time a you keep your knees hovering just off the ground.

Do this little “run” holding the bulldog position. You want to avoid moving your entire body as much as possible as you alternating running or lifting each foot up.

7. Spiderman Half Burpee (2:21):

This is a coordination and cardio killer that will work your shoulders, abs and even your quads. It does require more mobility so beginners may start off a bench or even step instead of jumping.

To do the Spiderman Half Burpee, start in the high plank position from your hands and feet. Then, keeping your core engaged, jump one foot up and outside your hand into a nice low spiderman or runner’s lunge. Try not to let your butt go way up in the air as you jump your foot outside.

Then quickly jump that foot back into plank and then jump the other foot forward into a lunge on the other side.

Jump that foot back so you’re back in the high plank position. From this high plank, jump both feet in and outside your hands.

Jump back into plank then repeat the spiderman lunge to each side before again jumping both feet back in and out!

8. Plank Skater Hops (2:33):

Planks are a great core exercise AND they can also be a killer cardio one! If you’re board with the basic mountian climber, try this skater hop variation!

To do Plank Skater Hops, start in a bulldog position from your hands and toes with your knees bent to about 90 degrees and feet together behind you. Straighten one leg out to the side and slight back, touching the toe down. You may even slightly shift the other foot more center under your body as you reach the straight leg out to the side.

Then hop that straight leg back in, bending it as you do, as you hop the other leg out laterally. You will almost be shuffling back and forth laterally while in the plank position. Keep your hands under your shoulders as you do. Your butt shouldn’t be way up in the air as you shuffle/hop side to side. You may “bounce” but your butt shouldn’t be up in the air.

Beginners may do less of a hop and move more slowly while advanced exercisers should hop quickly side to side. Remember to keep one knee bent under your body as the other leg goes out to the side. The straight leg will be out to the side and slightly back as you hop back and forth.

9. Duck Under Squat Jumps (2:48):

Work your legs and core with this squat jump with a twist!

To do the Duck Under Squat Jump, set up in a staggered stance with your back foot staggered slightly out in front of your front foot.

Look forward over that front leg and then squat down, and as you sink, pretend you’re “ducking under” somthing to bob your upper body down and back to face toward that back leg.

As you rotate to face that back leg, quickly jump up out of the squat. As you land, duck under and pivot your upper body to face toward your front leg.

Facing front, jump up. As you land, squat down again. Keep rotating and ducking under with each squat to jump!

10. Standing Oblique Tucks (3:01):

No need to get down on the ground to work your core! This standing core exercise will target your obliques and get your blood pumping!

standing core exercise

To do the Standing Oblique Crunch, stand tall and shift your weight to be balanced on one leg as you touch the toe of your other leg lightly to the ground and slightly out to the side. Raise the arm on the same side as the toe lightly touching the ground overhead.

Then balancing on that standing leg, crunch your knee up and in as you pull the arm extended down overhead to meet it. Crunch your elbow to your knee, feeling your oblique working.

Then extend your arm back overhead as you extend your leg back out to touch the toe lightly down just to stabilize.

Repeat the crunch, moving quickly while staying balanced. If you start to lose your balance, slow it down to stabilize and place the foot down a bit more on the ground vs just lightly grazing it.

The arm on the same side as your standing leg can be held out to the side if needed to balance.

To modify, you can also touch that free hand to a wall lightly.

11. Runner’s Lunge to Kick (3:13):

Work your quads and abs with this unilaterally-focused cardio move!

To do the Runner’s Lunge to Kick, step one foot back into a straight leg lunge, bending that front knee so you can hinge at your hips and reach your opposite hand to touch the ground. Do not simply round over to touch the ground.

Really sit back in that front glute as you lunge. Then quickly drive off that front leg to come back up to standing. As you jump that back leg in and come to standing, lift that front leg to kick out.

Quickly kick your leg out then lower that leg and sink right back into that straight leg lunge as you touch the ground with your opposite hand.

12. Split Squat Hops (3:26):

This unilateral move will work each side independently and boy oh boy will those legs BURN!

at-home cardio exercise

To do Split Squat Hops, set up in that split squat position with one foot staggered back and the other forward so you are in a wide stance with your feet still in line with your hips. You should be on the ball of your back foot.

Sink down into a deep lunge, bending your front knee to about 90 degrees with your back knee just an inch off the ground or so. Your knee should be about under your hip. You can swing your arms back toward your hips to then help propel you up.

From this deep lunge, drive back up quickly to jump up off the ground. Drive through the ball of your back foot and your front foot to jump up. Do not allow your weight to shift too much forward. Extend your legs as you jump and swing your arms overhead to try to help yourself get higher.

As you land, you should land right back in that lunge, quickly sinking back down to repeat the jump.

To modify, do not actually leave the ground, but just drive to the top of the lunge quickly, even just slightly lifting your front heel as you get higher on the ball of your back foot.

13. Squat Drop (3:37):

Love this cardio leg move to work your quads, glutes and even adductors!

To do Squat Drops, start standing tall with your feet together and arms down by your sides. Then jump your feet out side as you sink into a squat. You can bring your hands up to your chest as you sink.

Drop into that side squat then jump your feet back in and together as you stand up.

Move quickly. And, even though you want to jump out wide to sink into the squat, make sure you don’t jump out too wide. You want your hips, knees and ankles to be in line!

14. Rainbow Lunge (3:51):

Feel those legs burn with this rotational move!

cardio leg move

To do Rainbow Lunges, stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Pivot your feet into a lunge on your right side, facing to the right with your front heel down and back heel up.

Then jump up and swing your arms up and overhead as you pivot and switch into a lunge on the other side facing the other way. Your arms will create a “rainbow” as you pivot and jump from lunge to lunge.

Swing your arms down as you land in the lunge on your left leg. Then quickly jump back up and pivot to land in a lunge on your right side facing to your right. Remember to swing your arms up and overhead as you pivot. Make sure to pivot as you rotate in a lunge from side to side.

15. Skier Hops (4:04):

If you’re designing a cardio workout, this is a great active rest move that will also burn your calves!

To do Skier Hops, start standing with your feet together and elbows bent to about 90 degree and in at your sides as if you’re holding ski poles.

Then hop both feet to one side and back to the start quickly. Pretend you’re almost jumping your feet back and forth over a line as you hop side to side!

16. 4 Way Squat Hops (4:14):

Have some fun with the basic squat jump as you hop foward, backward and side to side!

To do the 4-Way Squat Hops, stand with your feet about hip-width to shoulder-width apart. Then sit your butt back and squat down. Do not sink lower than parallel but try to get to about parallel.

Then hop forward, backward or to either side, landing in the squat as you hop in any direction. Mix up which way you hop, moving all 4 ways!

Do not stand up at any point. You want to squat to hop and land in another squat.

17. Side Lunge Hops (4:29):

Love adding the little hop into this side lunge move! It’s a great way to work those glutes and legs.


To do Side Lunge Hops, start standing with your feet together. Then step out to the side with one foot and sink into a side lunge, bending that leg you stepped out with as you sit your butt back. Keep your other leg straight as you hinge a bit at the hips to sink down and load your glutes.

Then drive through that foot to explode off the ground and straighten your leg. You don’t want to shift back center but simply push off that leg enough to jump off the ground with your leg extended. As you land, bend your knee to sink back into that lunge. Then drive off that leg to come back to standing tall.

Repeat the side lunge, again quickly driving off the ground to jump up before landing back in the side lunge before returning to standing. While you will push off and slightly shift your weight toward that straight leg, you want to keep your weight as centered as possible.

Complete all reps on one side before switching.

18. Skater Hop To High Knees (4:44):

Love this cardio foot work drill! It’s a fun way to get the blood pumping without getting down on the ground or doing burpees!

bodyweight exercise

To do Skater High Knees, start standing to one side of the space you have to use. Shift your weight onto your outside foot, lifting your inside leg off the ground to let it swing behind you as you bend your standing knee slightly to push your butt back and load your glute. Swing your arms across your body toward the hip of the standing leg.

Then jump laterally across your space as far as you can to land on your other foot. Let your raised leg swing back and your arms swing across your body as you bend that standing knee to load your glute and decelerate. Make sure to slightly sink and sit back to protect your knee and load your glute.

Stand up once you land and perform high knees laterally back across the space to your starting position on that outside foot. You will want to stand tall as you run sideways, tucking your knees forward and up as high as you can. You will want to swing your arms to power the move quickly. Opposite arm and leg will work together.

Then reload once you’re back at the start to perform another skater hop laterally across the space before returning to the start running laterally with high knees.

Beginners can keep the jump smaller even more stepping sideways before marching back to the start.

To advance the move, jump further and move faster.

19. Side Shuffle with Lateral Crawl(4:57):

You want to work in every plane of motion during your workouts. This lateral move will work your legs, core and shoulders. And even test your coordination!

To do the Side Shuffle with Lateral Crawl, start standing with your feet together. Bend your knees and sit your butt back as you keep your chest up. You do not need to squat but you want soft knees and a slight hip hinge.

Then begin to move sideways. Step out with one foot to the side then step the other foot back in. Move quickly to the side with your feet staying basically parallel to each other. Don’t bring your feet all the way together as you shuffle laterally.

Move a few shuffles one direction then plant your feet and squat down to place your hands down in front of your feet. With your hands down, jump your feet back into a bulldog position with your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders. Jump your feet and knees close together as your hands are wider.

That way you can step your back hand in toward your other hand as you step the opposite foot back out the way you came from so your feet are now about shoulder width apart.

Then step your front hand out wide as you step your back foot in so your feet are back together. You want to move so that you are crawling laterally back to where you started.

Then once you reach that other side, you can jump your feet up to your hands and stand up to shuffle back across and repeat.

4 At-Home Cardio Workouts – Whether You Have 6-Minutes Or 36-Minutes

Not sure how to use these 19 at-home exercises in a workout?

Here are 4 options to get you started!

These workouts will allow you to not only do a workout at home, but even squeeze one in when you’re short on time!

Death By Burpees Burner

Complete 10 reps of each burpee variation as fast as possible for a quick and killer 40 burpee burner!

10 reps Switch Stance Burpee
10 reps Mountain Climber Burpee
10 reps Snow Board and Ski
10 reps Tuck Jump to Plank Jacks

The 20-Minute Cardio Blast

Set a timer for 30 second intervals and move right from one exercise to the next. Rest 30 seconds between rounds and 1 minute between circuits. Complete 4 rounds of each circuit. Beginners may not only modify moves but perform 2 rounds through each circuit.

30 seconds Duck Under Squat Jumps
30 seconds per side Skater Hop To High Knees
30 seconds Spiderman Half Burpee
30 seconds Rest

30 seconds 4 Way Squat Hops
30 seconds per side Side Shuffle with Lateral Crawl
30 seconds Bear to Crab
30 seconds Rest

The Cardio Leg Destroyer

Set a timer for 1 minute intervals of work, completing as many reps as you can in that time. For unilateral moves, do 30 seconds per side. Rest 20 seconds between moves. Complete 3-5 rounds of the circuit below, resting a full minute between rounds if your numbers start to dip too much.

1 minute Squat Drop
20 seconds Rest
1 minute Side Lunge Hops
20 seconds Rest
1 minute Rainbow Lunge
20 seconds Rest
1 minute Runner’s Lunge to Kick
20 seconds Rest
1 minute Skier Hops
20 seconds Rest

The 6-Minute Core Killer

Set a timer for 30 second intervals and complete 2 rounds through the circuit without resting.

30 seconds per side Split Squat Hops
30 seconds per side Standing Oblique Tucks
30 seconds Plank Skater Hops
30 seconds Bulldog Run

Have some fun and get your sweat on at home!