1% unsexy habit improvements yield the sexiest and most fabulous results.

And often doing just one thing that seems almost too simple can lead to a domino effect that creates better and faster results.

If we can start with just one simple daily habit, we can often more easily and quickly stack other changes on top of it that build.

So I want to share 25 habit changes I’ve found have helped me create a sustainable lifestyle and not only achieve amazing results but MAINTAIN them now for years.

Now…I’m not recommending you do all of these, especially to start.

I would pick the one or two that feel easiest and go from there.

But you want to pick a couple that really meet you where you are at and would have a big impact without feeling overwhelming or even hard.

We want to almost sneak in those changes to let those 1% tweaks build. 

As one of my fabulous coaching clients always says…

Team 1%

So here are 25 1% habit changes that will get you to your goals.

#1: Write out tomorrow’s to-do list the night before.

Plans have to change. And things have to adjust.

That’s why based on what’s happened that day, you can set your to-do list for tomorrow. 

This can help you stay focused on what you need and hold yourself accountable but also address any changes that have popped up for you that week.

It also prevents you from scrambling the next day to get organized and can be a good way to clear your head and brain dump before bed! 

#2: Make getting up and going mindless.

Especially when rushed in the morning, the last thing we need is to have to think about what we need! 

Whether it’s packing your lunch, putting out your water bottle to drink more or laying out your workout clothing to hit the gym ASAP, make being able to get up and go easy and mindless! 

#3: Put things you’ll skip first.

New habits we aren’t used to often fall by the wayside if we get busy or tired. 

Not to mention, we then just often don’t remember them because they aren’t ingrained.

The more we can put new habits first, the more likely we are to do them so that changes can truly build. 

#4: Link new and old routines.

As much as I love the tip I just mentioned, you can’t always do that. That’s where linking old and new routines can help.

This can use the old routine as a reminder for the new because you won’t skip it.

Like if you want to drink more water and always have a morning coffee, put your water bottle filled by your coffee machine. 

Or as you cut up veggies for dinner that night, cut up extra to bag for meal prep later that week! 

#5: Create staple meals.

You don’t have to be stuck eating the same thing every single day, but having some go-to staple meals you can always swap in when short on time or worn out can help you stay on track no matter what. 

Even make these meals and freeze them or bulk prep them to readily have on hand. 

This can also make grocery shopping easy as you know to always have these things on your list! 

Not to mention those ingredients can be ones you know you can use in multiple ways!

#6: Plan and schedule grocery shopping.

It’s easy to run out of things if we don’t have a set day we shop, which can then lead to us not hitting our macros or eating according to our goals.

Knowing we have a set day, going in with a grocery list can help us make sure we also get everything we need. 

So plan for that shop, at least knowing your necessities and go to items.

This can also help you avoid impulse buys due to stress that day!

And with having staple meals, you can even have this set list you bring every time!

#7: Have no spoil food options always available.

I get lazy. And tired. And stressed.

And then I can feel like even microwaving something for 5 minutes is too much effort.

That’s why having the easiest to prep items always around is key. 

It also helps us stay on track if something else in our week didn’t go as planned as they can be stocked up and never spoil.

Canned chicken or tuna, frozen fruits and veggies, jerkies, nuts…all are great healthy options that can last a while and be on hand! 

#8: Set visual reminders to break patterns.

It’s hard to break old habits because many we repeat unconsciously.

If there is a pattern you want to break, find a way to give yourself a visual reminder not to do it.

This can also be used to set a visual reminder TO Do something as well.

But if you find after a long day you come home and want to snack, maybe put a note on the fridge reminding you to drink water.

Or even MOVE where the snacks have normally been so you have the empty shelf as a reminder of the change. 

But create a visual that knocks you out of being unconscious in repeating the habits.

#9: Set appointments with yourself.

We are less likely to skip appointments on our calendar with someone else.

Especially when we have reminders of those events. t

So set an appointment with yourself on your calendar to workout. To meal prep. To grocery shop. 

This accountability and time clearly laid out helps you stick with the habits, especially when they’re new!

And it helps you find the time for them!

#10: Use a timer to fit in habits.

Often we don’t do things because we don’t have time.

So design for the time you have.

If you’ve been skipping doing extra mobility work, set a timer for even 1 minute and do something. 

Often we will not only do MORE but we will get consistent enough with even that amount that results start to snowball. 

#11: Give yourself a bed time.

Saying you’ll go to bed earlier is vague and lets you make excuses. 11. excuses

And all of the sudden an hour after we had planned to go to bed, we’re actually climbing into bed.

If you want to focus on getting more sleep, give yourself a hard cut off where apps on your phone go into do not disturb and you’re making sure you’re under the covers at. 

#12: Put a notepad by your bed.

I don’t know about you but the second I’m supposed to be relaxing, my brain starts running through things and trying to fix problems. 

By just having my phone notepad open or a pad of paper by my bed, I feel like I relax because I know I don’t have to remember anything that’s key. 

This is also though where habit #1 even helps prevent this from happening though too! You’ve already done a brain dump!

#13: Write out a habit checklist.

Maybe you’re not a checklist person BUT having that list of what we need to do build results is key.

It reminds us to do those habits daily, keeping them top of mind and reminding us when they may easily be forgotten since we aren’t used to doing them.

It is also a great way to make sure we’ve done what is needed daily when we mark them off at night.

And if you aren’t seeing results, it’s a great way to see areas for improvement to make changes over time!

#14: Plan in things you love.

Often in making habit changes, we sort of forget to include things we want and love.

Map those in first and work other habits around them.

Schedule fun things onto your calendar to plan around. 

Work foods you love into your macros first.

But don’t let habit changes feel like you’re losing things about your lifestyle you enjoy!

#15: Voice the victory.

We are really good about acknowledging the things we’ve done wrong or that went wrong in the day.

We talk about them far more than the wins.

And as silly as it may feel to start, when something good happens, or you’re proud of yourself for doing a habit, say it out loud. 

It helps us feel the positive that much more strongly.

#16: Buy premade.

Quality is key. But sometimes something is better than nothing. Buy premade foods when in a pinch.

Even log some ideas so if you ever are in a pinch you can grab them. 

I know cocktail shrimp and premade grilled chicken can easily be grabbed from the store when I need…even if it’s fully as good as if I were to make it at home.

Same can be said even for knowing options at restaurants!

#17: Don’t be a hermit crab.

It’s easy when we want to lose fat or make a change to feel stressed and shy away from social events.

Instead go in with a plan. Work those in. Proactively organize them. 

But realize that while those days may through your “perfect habits” a curveball, the consistency and balance they create long-term can pay off! 

#18: Treat yo ‘self!

Don’t wait till you’re at your goal to recognize wins!

Treat yourself for those habit changes. 

Honestly finding ways even weekly to treat yourself, maybe getting your nails done, going for an extra fun hike that’s more of a trip or even buying a new pair of leggings.

But make yourself see the wins in what you’re doing!

#19: Set one focus.

Even this list presents a ton of options. But the more we try to do everything at once every day or every week, the more we overwhelm ourselves.

The more we’re focused on doing one thing, and one thing well, the more quickly that change becomes part of our routine. 

Set no more than 1-3 small must-dos to focus on and even acknowledge the other things you may want to change are BONUS.

Only set 3 if they are linked or super simple!

#20: Stock up on spices and sauces!

Keeping things simple is key. It helps us make changes without feeling overwhelmed. 

But too often this leads to us feeling bored with our meals and meals becoming bland.

Having a ton of different spices and sauces we can use on even the same meal prepped chicken, vegetable and potato though can make meals delicious but keep prep simple! 

#21: Pre-Log. Pre-Record.

Having your workout written out with even weights you plan to use… 

Having your meals for the next day pre-recorded in MyFitnessPal…

These things not only make it more mindless to implement if you are stressed that day, but they also provide accountability.

It’s easier to make an excuses when NOT confronted by the habits!

#22: Plan before pressure.

The more we can plan ahead and do it before we need to, the less stressful the planning process is.

I like to have an idea of my next workout progression just as I’m even starting my current. That way I really think through things over just doing things because I need it done ASAP! 

Same thing can be said for planning out meals or finding recipes! 

The more you don’t need it right away the more you can enjoy the process!

#23: Protein first.

Whether you enter in protein first to work meals around or focus on protein at your breakfast, when you plan in protein first you make sure you hit your macros.

I always like to make sure my first meal has protein in it as I would much rather be left with carbs and fats for my dessert or to add to later meals.

Even starting out if that means a shake to start your day, it may help you get in the right mindset to make more changes.

#24: Use “snacks” breaks.

So I don’t even mean eat snacks here…but more that concept of using small portions of things throughout the day to your advantage to create new habits.

Use movement snack breaks, getting up to stretch. 

Use meal prep snack breaks at night when you’re watching TV to even chop up some stuff or pack your bag between episodes. 

But think about little quick things you can do to help alleviate having to do a lot all at once when you feel like you don’t have time!

#25: Create a WEEKLY schedule.

Not everyday will be the same. Monday may not look like Thursday.

But the more you can set a Monday schedule…

A Thursday schedule…

The more you not only give yourself things to look forward to on certain days, but the more you will find it feels like you have more time to fit in things you want to do.

And you’ll even find you don’t force habits onto days where they don’t fit but use the schedule that is actually realistic for you!

I’d love to hear which of these you found most helpful and even a 1% improvement you’ve made that has really paid off!

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