Dooming yourself with doubt.

We question the change and try to pick apart the ways it won’t work because….let’s face it…we’re scared and it’s a change.

But when you start to instill doubt before you’ve even tested something?

Well you’re dooming yourself to fail.

Because so much of our success is because of our MINDSET. 

Our willingness to trust the process.

Our willingness to try.

And when we doubt something? We doom it because our mindset won’t support the change. 

Here are some tips to help you avoid dooming yourself to fail by doubting…

  • Learn the WHY behind the programming. Often when we see the reasons WHY something is being implemented, we are willing to give it a shot. So if there are workout designs or moves you are “afraid of?” Learn why they are being used. Often that reasoning and seeing the purpose can help us trust to test them out even when things feel strange.
  • Set a plan in place with an end date. I think often when we give ourselves an end date to reassess, we are more willing to give something a 100% effort. It makes it seem like a set experiment over potentially wasting time. Because often part of our doubting something will work, is our fear of failing and wasting time!
  • Implement small changes to build off of what has worked. When something has worked, don’t just stop doing it. Make small tweaks to build off of it. When we can build off of the familiar or use something similar, we allow ourselves to feel more comfortable with the change. We trust the change because it is connected to something that has worked in the past. So realize that, even when you want better results, often it is small tweaks to what we are currently doing that add up most AND make the changes mentally easier!

Just remember if you decide to commit to a change, actually COMMIT TO IT.

Decide to trust the process. Because doubting it? Well that’s setting yourself up to fail before you’ve even made a change.

So much of our success is based on the mindset we have going into things!

Ready to make a LASTING change?

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