I think most often we hold ourselves back.

Plain and simple.

It’s not that we didn’t have the ability. It’s not that we couldn’t learn the systems. It’s not that we weren’t strong enough, smart enough…insert the “enough” here….

Honestly…Most of our limits are truly self imposed.

And I think part of that comes out of fear of failure.

Out of fear of judgement from others.

But if you want to achieve a new and better result, you’ve got to believe in yourself. You’ve got to push past any limits you foresee

You’ve go to stop the self limiting beliefs….

The question is HOW?!

That’s why I wanted to share 3 “secrets” I think will help you not hold yourself back in the face of something new….that will help you believe in you more.

Because you are what you believe you are!

#1: Act As If.

This is not the same as fake it till you make it. Because with Act As If, you are doing the habits that are required to be the person you want to be. You aren’t just telling yourself something you don’t believe.

So if you know there are habits or actions you would need to take if you were a person that was accomplishing the goal you set out to hit?

Simple DO THEM!

To often we simply never get started. Or we believe we can’t do something. Instead of just being the person that reaches that goal by putting the habits into place.

Sure is there going to be a learning process? YUP!

But the person who succeeds at that goal doesn’t care about other’s judgement. They recognize they have to suck at something in order to get better.

Because practice makes BETTER!

So focus on acting as if you are the person you want to be instead of limiting yourself with your own beliefs!

#2: First ask yourself WHY. Then realize you don’t know until you’ve tried!

I think sometimes just being honest with yourself about WHY you aren’t taking action is key.

And that means often asking yourself WHY you are making certain excuses.

Often it boils down to we don’t want to fail publicly in front of others.

We don’t want to be judged as not being good enough.

So we stop ourselves before we even start.

But I think facing these facts and then telling yourself you’ll never know if you can actually accomplish that goal until you try?

Well it can help you leap over that self imposed limitation.

It’s sometimes that little epiphany you need to get yourself to move forward.

Because as much as you may “guess” you won’t succeed, you really don’t know until you’ve tried! 

#3: Embrace failure.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that you won’t know until you’ve tried…

But even if you do succeed ultimately? I will GUARANTEE there will be failures along the way.

Because failure isn’t the opposite of success…it’s a part of it.

So our fear of failure? Well it’s valid because it’s going to happen.

Anyone who’s succeeded knows this and won’t judge you for those setbacks. They’ll celebrate you trying.

So anyone who does judge you, well, they’ve probably always limited themselves and held themselves back from trying. And more than likely, they’re jealous of you for trying.

I think facing failure head on. Saying to yourself “I’m going to fail but it is the only way to succeed.” Can help you embrace the setbacks along the way and keep going.


So much of success is just never giving up. In believing we will find a way forward and acting as if we are the person who would succeed at that goal.

There are no guarantees in life, but you truly won’t know until you’ve tried.

If you’ve been struggling to take that first step forward, ask yourself WHY! Are you holding yourself back?

Stop those self limiting beliefs – Remember you are what you believe!