Results aren’t owned. They’re rented. And rent is due every freaking day.

It’s due in the form of those habits.

Because we can never stop doing what made us “better.”

I know we want our cake and to eat it to, but you don’t get something for nothing.

Results are truly earned.

Earned by those boring, tedious habits you have to do day in and day out.

The hard stuff you don’t want to do.

I bring this up because I feel like so much in the diet and exercise industry is marketed as being EASY – a quick fix.

But nothing is ever easy, especially to start.

You don’t get something for nothing – change requires change.

So, for instance, as much as I believe tracking macros is the best way and becomes easy to do over time, I also know that NO CHANGE IS EVER FULLY EASY no matter how much it may be “easy” once you’ve done it.

That’s why I wanted to share 3 tips to help you embrace those changes and break things down. Because we sometimes have to break down those changes to help allow ourselves to get started!

3 Tips To Help You Embrace Those Changes:

Tip #1: Admit It’s Going To Be Hard

Honestly, I think too often we try to help ourselves get started by doing the opposite of what we should actually do.

We tell ourselves it is going to be “easy” in an attempt to make it feel less intimidating.

But this mindset almost backfires on us when it’s…well…NOT easy.

If we instead admitted that the change was going to be hard, that we were going to have to work at it and even SUCK AT IT to start?

Well when it’s not as bad as we thought, it actually can be easier to keep on pushing through the challenges.

We’re managing our expectations. And often giving that “worst case scenario” lowers our barriers or defenses enough for us to get out of our own way and embrace the changes.

Tip #2: Start With The EASIEST Thing

I’ve always felt like I am an all or nothing person, and in many aspects of life I am. But I also feel we use this as an excuse to not make a change immediately.

We allow ourselves to try and wait for the “perfect” time or to give up if we can’t give 100% to what we are doing. 

But often the best results happen from just starting. And to start, sometimes we need to do something easy to get the momentum building.

So if you’ve ever had those times where you start, get overwhelmed then give up or start, feel so restricted you give up, start with something SMALL.

Heck start with the easiest thing you can just to get the ball rolling.

It’s easier to build when you’re in a positive mindset and feeling GOOD about the changes. It’s easier to build when something feels like it could be sustainable!

Tip #3: Understand You’re Not Entitled To Anything

I think often when we’re working hard we feel ENTITLED to results…at least I know I do.

And then I get frustrated when it doesn’t feel like the results match the effort.

But you aren’t entitled to anything. Everything is earned and often the best things take far longer than we’d like.

Even once you’ve reached your goals, you’ve got to KEEP earning them. You aren’t just entitled to them because you worked hard at one point.

Remembering that there will always be effort, always be adjustments, always be ups and downs is key.

And while it sucks that hard work doesn’t guarantee anything, getting in that mindset that everything is earned can help us stay focused on those small daily habits that do build.

It can even help us create that focus on building a healthier version of our lifestyle so we can be in it for the long haul over trying to hit someone else’s standards of what we need.

And it can even help remind us that success is rented not owned. That we can NEVER stop doing what made us better.


As much as I’d love to tell you that change is easy, it often isn’t. And we can’t expect results without putting in the work, often for far longer than we’d like.

You don’t get something for nothing!