I’m telling you this as an incredibly stubborn, at times very pigheaded, person that definitely likes to learn by doing…and failing.

However, over time, as much as I value those learning experiences, I’ve come to realize it’s ok to want a little “cheat code” to get better results faster and skip over the mess.

There will be plenty of ups and downs along the way even having that guide.

Honestly, I’ve begun to really question my previous beliefs about starting from scratch and having to make the mistakes myself.

I mean, why start from scratch when you can learn from the mistakes of others and leap frog months or even years past where you would be if you had to do it on your own?

That isn’t admitting you couldn’t do it on your own.

It’s being smart enough not to waste time and even find ways you could improve upon those helpful hints and such to get further than you would have otherwise.

And it’s not only about using the experiences of others…it’s using your own previous knowledge to build off of versus feeling like you have to start over each time.

So because I’ve found that the more I avoid trying to reinvent the wheel or start from scratch to be so helpful in getting better results faster, I wanted to share 3 specific insights I hope will benefit you as well.

#1: Review Your Past Failures And Experiences

Life doesn’t start over. So even when we’re starting a new plan or working toward a new goal, we have a whole host of background experiences we can draw from.

Instead of ignoring our previous experiences, we need to use them to help us build.

Before starting something new, sit down and assess your personality a bit.

How you respond to changes.

Consider what has led to your greatest results and fastest progress…how have you implemented changes at these times?

Assess your failures. Don’t hide from them or ignore them.

Why did these pitfalls occur?

That can help you avoid starting something completely new that has the same potential outcome because it will lead to those same issues arising.

But take time to really assess who you are and what you need.

Draw from your previous experiences and even your knowledge.

The more we can tie new changes into what is known and what works, the more we can often avoid mistakes and pitfalls and even move forward faster!

It honestly goes back to the whole thing of, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Don’t act like you have to start over every time. Use your strengths and learn from your mistakes!

#2: Read Perspectives You Even Dislike

So this one can be frustrating at times, but I feel like too often we get into situations where all we look for and hear is feedback that re-inforces what we already believe.

And often if we aren’t moving forward, this only keeps us stuck on habits and systems that aren’t working.

It reinforces beliefs we need to let go of.

It also doesn’t let us reflect on our own abilities to better utilize those things to build off of.

While it isn’t fully us starting from “scratch” per say, it is us starting from scratch in that we will seek out completely new things that fit only within a narrow window that cause us to have the same learning experiences over and over again.

We aren’t using someone else’s knowledge or our own strong points to move forward.

It’s why it can be so key to search for different perspectives.

It may be hard to hear at times, but it gives you a chance to honestly reflect on your own beliefs.

It’s key though that, when we DO read or listen to these other perspectives, instead of trying to poke holes, we try to see the opportunity in what they are saying.

Why could it work? Why could it be right?

What would this change?

This can help us better filter what is or isn’t working for us in our current situation.

It may solidify viewpoints we do have, but it can also help us make tweaks that improve upon where we are starting from.

Be open to questioning. It can truly help you move forward faster by learning from other’s experiences even too and mistakes!

And it can help you avoid repeating the same old things you’ve always done that haven’t yielded the results you want!

#3: Hire A Coach Or Join A Mastermind/Group

I won’t lie to you, this is why I believe my online coaching program is so fabulous.

But I also started this coaching program after I realized just how much having a coach had helped me in my own life.

I’d always had a coach growing up for sports.

But for some reason, upon graduating from college, I began to think I didn’t need a coach.

Yes I went to workshops and did have other people train me, but I think I got a bit cocky, in multiple areas of my life, thinking I could learn to do it better on my own.

When I finally found myself super stuck spinning my wheels, and also realizing that as a coach it was NOT practicing what I preach to be resistant to coaching, I got myself a coach.

No in this case it wasn’t for fitness, BUT it changed everything.

That experience, embracing a new perspective again, having that accountability, a person to ask questions of, a person to learn from to avoid mistakes and even remind me of wins….

Well that helped me move forward faster, and honestly further, than I would have on my own.

We can go super far on our own. But anyone who wants greatest begins to realize that two heads are better than one.

And we all need that outside perspective.

Heck, olympic athletes that win gold have coaches for a reason. And sometimes multiple ones for different areas.


So just remember it isn’t that you can’t do it on your own…it’s that you know how valuable your time is and you want the best for yourself so you seek out that outside help so you aren’t starting from scratch and can get further faster while avoiding unnecessary mistakes!

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