Guess what?

Someone always has it easier than you. And someone always has it harder than you.

But also guess what?


All you can ever do is work based on your situation, your needs, your goals, your lucky breaks and horrible setbacks.

I don’t say this to be uncaring or unfeeling.

Life can really push us to our breaking points at times.

But the simple fact is, all we can ever do is try to find a way forward if we want results.

As harsh as this sounds, sometimes we need to tell ourselves to stop trying to blame our lack of results or progress on our situation.

The simple fact is…A. We often don’t know what it took for someone else to succeed so trying to “claim” they had it easier is a waste of breath and only holds us back.

And B. Ultimately whether we see everything in our life as a reason NOT to move forward or a reason TO move forward is up to us.

Maybe it’s because I’m openly a control freak, but I love to realize that whether I succeed or fail, or even decide to TRY at something, is my fault.


See everything as your “fault” aka give yourself control!

When it’s our fault that means we have the ability and power to make a change.

Sure we can’t stop it from raining, BUT we can control our reaction to the rain. We can skip our run outside or see it as a chance to even just do some mobility work inside while switching our run to the next day.

Realize you can see things as opportunities or obstacles.

And realize that by taking ownership…It’s also your win if you do succeed.

It makes it within your power to at ANY point make a change.

It of course sucks when you do fail. But still…at least you tried and learned and are in control to pick yourself back up and keep moving forward.

Tip #2…Recognize failure is a part of success!

We have to realize that no success is really ever smooth or easy. Success comes from failing and getting back up. From beating your head into a wall repeatedly until you find a way through.

It’s messy and frustrating and sucky AF at times.

But ultimately, no matter our situation, we can choose to embrace this pain or give up.

Everyone had to go through those ups and downs no matter how easy we think they had it.

And honestly, what they had to deal with really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t impact what YOU have to do.

So why compare?


Realize you are going to go through ups and downs no matter what. And embrace and learn from those ebbs and flows.

Tip #3….Realize it doesn’t matter….

Honestly you also have to simply remind yourself that it doesn’t matter!

You have your situation and you have to face it if you want to move forward.

Sure we may have many struggles. We may not have what we used to have.

But if we want to move forward, we can.

No matter what.

And whatever happened for anyone else out there doesn’t dictate our personal success.

So we need to stop worrying about what it took for them. We need to focus on where we are and what we need as our needs and goals constantly evolve.

Focus on you. It’s all you can do! And it is really all that matters!


Take ownership of your journey. Even love when the odds are stacked against you.

It makes it that much more sweet when you succeed. When you rebuild stronger. When you prove them all wrong.

Be true to you and live your best, healthiest and happiest life.