As we go into a New Year, we may be motivated to make some changes – to reach new goals.

But all too often, only a few weeks into the New Year and new habits, we find ourselves completely unmotivated and lacking the “willpower” to maintain some of the habits we’ve created.

Are we just doomed to fail?

Do we just not have the self control or discipline that others have?

Or are we just approaching changes the wrong way?

I think it is key we realize one big thing and then implement these 4 tips to help us see results…

And that big thing we need to realize is that…


During the day, there are so many things that happen that can deplete it.

That’s why the more changes we make at once, and the more dramatic those changes, the more they become harder to implement when other things come up and our tank is already on EMPTY.

It’s why we can feel like we just don’t have the willpower of someone else.

Because we are trying to force changes that don’t meet us where we are at and cause the gas tank to have to be full to be maintained.

Since life though so often doesn’t allow for us to maintain a full gas tank all of the time, I wanted to share 4 tips I think can help you make changes that don’t just rely on motivation and self control to sustain….

#1: Understand your current lifestyle – your beastette origin story.
– Where are you truly at currently? Realistic changes mean knowing your current position…and even understanding your pain!


#2: List your nonnegotiable.
– What are things that you like that the restriction instantly drains you?

#3: Create one small repeatable habit that can fly under the radar.
– What habit will you not even notice you have to do?

#4: Have a reminder of WHY you want this goal and why these changes are worth it to replenish your stores!
– Why does the pain of staying stuck outweigh the pain of change?

By creating changes in this way, we can help ourselves not feel like we need a full gas tank to keep moving forward. We can even find ways to create habits that keep us moving forward when times are tough.

We can even better embrace doing the minimum at times when we know our tank is on E!