Life is about constant exploration. About constant growth.

About constantly challenging ourselves to learn and improve.

We should always be setting goals – whether they are performance, lifestyle, monetary, aesthetic…

And we should always be CHANGING to reach them.

Our identity is more fluid than we realize and at some point, we almost start fearing changes to it over seeking to explore it.

And when we do, our lifestyle also stops evolving, which can keep us stuck repeating the same habits that aren’t moving us forward – even fearing change.

That’s why I want to talk about some shifts to both your nutrition and workouts you may need to make as you get older especially as you go through a time actually called THE CHANGE aka Menopause!

Lead RS Dietitian Michelle will also share some helpful macro ratio adjustments that can help you feel your best and keep your body stronger till your final day on this planet!

00:00 – Resisting Change
01:30 – “You’ve Changed”
07:12 – Menopause and Aging
28:19 – workout changes