In this episode I discuss 4 common training mistakes I see beginners, and those first getting back into training, make. 


  • Take ego out of things and start back slow with a set plan to guide you!
  • Mistake 1: Not staying focused on what YOU need.
  • Mistake 2: Going 0-60 – Making yourself sore each workout
  • Mistake 3: Doing a harder variation you haven’t earned.
  • Mistake 4: Not having a PLAN. Randomly stringing things together.


When you’re just starting out, lay out a plan to give yourself direction and focus on those basics, those fundamentals. Start small and build.

Make your plan realistic so you can get consistent. Master those basics and then focus on progressing slowly to push and challenge yourself. Earn those harder variations and continue to build over time.

But focus on building from where YOU are at currently. Do not get caught up chasing each new shiny object or comparing yourself to where someone else is at in their fitness journey!


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