Don’t Quit Before Results Add Up!

It can be hard to keep putting in the work when we don’t feel like results are adding up.

But the sucky part is…often those times where we feel like nothing is happening, we’re moving forward and potentially only inches or even days away from our goal.

Those are often the times we just need to KEEP GOING.

A great way to think about this process is this one image I’ve seen of two miners digging for diamonds.

Both are in a tunnel of dirt. The tunnel looks exactly the same through the entire process. 

Dirt after more dirt haha…

So it can get easy to get discouraged and turn back like one miner does. He turns back when he’s probably ONE more hack away from the diamonds.

But he doesn’t know that…all he’s seen is a tunnel of dirt. It looks like to him that he’s made absolutely no progress.

While the other miner continues to just charge through, trusting the process to reach the diamonds at the end.

It can be so easy to give up when we aren’t seeing changes add up. But we have to trust the process and give it time.

Because so often we simple don’t get the results we deserve because we don’t stay consistent for long enough.

So while it may feel like you’re just digging through dirt and nothing is changing, you’re moving forward toward those diamonds!