You don’t have to buy a ton of fancy exercise equipment to get in a great workout at home.

Actually you can use a ton of things you already have around the house and even make a few simple, cheap pieces of equipment and have everything you need to get in a great home workout.

For instance, towels make great sliders for a full body workout. And a larger bath towel or moving blanket can help you get in a great cardio workout without having much room. Just check out the Towel Taz.

And if you want to make a great functional weight to use to load down your exercises, you can easily make a slosh pipe.

Slosh Pipes are an awkward and functional weight that cost about $10 to make.

They are easy to make and are a great uneven weight to challenge your core and work on your stabilization and strength.

The traditional slosh pipe is about 6-8 feet long and filled about 1/2 to 2/3 full with water or sand to really challenge your core.

However, if you want to use the slosh pipe in your house, you may find this length doesn’t really work. That is why I started using a 2 ft slosh pipe.

With the shorter slosh pipe there are exercises you can do that you can’t do with the longer pipe; however, the longer pipe can be a great option to really work your core if you have the space.

Below is a guide to help you make your own slosh pipe (I’ll show you how to make the shorter one, but the same directions can also be applied to make a longer one). Also, below are some great exercises to do with your 2ft Slosh Pipe!

How to Make a Slosh Pipe:

how to make a slosh pipe

1 length of 4″ ABS Pipe (for mine 2ft)
Medium Black ABS Cement (I used Oatey)
2 4″ Plastic End Caps
Recommended: Plastic Gloves to prevent dripping the cement on your hands.


On the end of the pipe and on the inside top of the cap, paint on cement in a thin layer.

Then place the cap on top of the pipe and press down, holding for 30 seconds. Let the pipe sit for another 15 minutes for optimum hold.

Once the cement is dry, fill with water about 1/2 to 2/3 full. You can also fill with sand or a combination of sand or water depending on how heavy you want the pipe to be.

Make sure you don’t fill the pipe more than 2/3 full or the water won’t slosh enough to make the weight truly awkward and uneven.

Once you’ve filled the pipe, place cement on the top of the pipe and inside the top of the cap. Place the cap on the pipe and hold for 30 seconds.

Then let the pipe sit for 15 minutes before using!


Slosh Pipe Exercises:

1. Low To High Slosh Pipe Choppers – Hold the pipe on each end in front of you. Then rotate the pipe down outside your right knee, pivoting your left foot as you lunge down. Do not reach with your back. Lunge down to bring the pipe down outside your knee. Then swing the pipe up and across your body, standing up as you lift the pipe across and up to your left side. Bring the pipe up outside your head with your arms straight. Pivot your right foot as you reach the pipe up outside your left side. Then lower the pipe back down and across as you reach the weight down outside your right knee. Make sure to lunge down and not just reach with your back. Complete all reps on one side before switching.

low to high chop

2. Squat to Alternating Shoulder Press – Hold the slosh pipe in the center over one shoulder with one end pointing forward and the other backward. Then squat down, sitting back into your heels with your chest up tall. As you stand back up, press the slosh pipe up overhead and down to the other shoulder. Again squat back down. Keep squatting and pressing, bringing the slosh pipe up and over each and every time.

slosh pipe squat and press

3. “Clean and Press” – Hold the slosh pipe on each end in front of you. Squat down, sitting back into your heels. As you do, hinge forward and reach the slosh pipe down toward the ground. Do not round forward to get the slosh pipe closer to the ground. Then come back up to standing and, as you do, bring the slosh pipe to your chest and then press overhead. Lower it back down to your chest and again sink into a squat, reaching the slosh pipe down toward the ground.

squat and press

4. Shouldered Lunge – Hold the slosh pipe in the center with both hands and place it on one shoulder. You can then lunge in every direction. If you have the pipe on the side of the moving leg, it will generally make the move harder than holding it on the stationary leg.

slosh pipe shouldered lunge

5. Single Leg Deadlift – Hold the slosh pipe on each end in front of you. Stand on your right leg with the knee slightly bent. Hinge over at the hips, driving your left heel toward the wall behind you as you reach the slosh pipe toward the ground. Keep your back flat as you hinge. Make sure to keep the right heel on the ground. Then drive through the right heel to come back to standing. Squeeze your butt at the top. Complete all reps on one side before switching.

single leg deadlift

6. Duck Under – Hold the slosh pipe up at your chest in your elbow pits. You will then squat down. As you come back up out of the squat, you will rotate toward the right, pivoting your left foot. Then come back to a squat and next time come up and pivot to the right. As you get comfortable with the move, try to make it fluid and “U” shaped. Come up then down into the squat then up to the other side.

slosh pipe duck under squat

7. Side Lunge and Press – Hold the slosh pipe on each end in front of you. Lunge out to the side, bending the outside knee and sitting your butt back. Keep the inside leg straight. Then come back up to standing, driving off your outside leg. As you come up to standing, press the slosh pipe overhead. Then lunge out to the other side. Come back center and press the pipe overhead. Keep alternating till all reps are complete.

slosh pipe side lunge and press

8. Lunge with Rotation – Hold the slosh pipe on each end in front of you. Standing nice and tall, you are going to step back with one foot. As you step back, bend the front knee to sink into the lunge. Do not worry about bending the back knee. Rotate the slosh pipe outside the front knee, hinging forward just slightly. Do not round forward. Then bring the back leg in and stand up nice and tall, stomping the back foot into the ground as you stand up. As you stand up, also swing the pipe back to the front. Then quickly lunge back on the other leg, letting the pipe swing outside the front knee. Advanced exercisers will want to use the momentum of their lunge to propel the pipe from side to side quickly. They will want to swing it and rotate with it as they lunge. Beginners will want to “place” the pipe outside the leg instead of using the momentum and swinging it to the outside. By placing the pipe instead of swinging, they will have better balance and more control.

lunge with rotation

9. Russian Twists – Balance on your butt with your knees bent and feet off the ground. Hinge back a little with your upper body, maintaining a nice tall posture. Hold the slosh pipe on each end. Rotate your upper body and arms from side to side, touching the pipe to the ground by each hip. Keep your feet off the ground the entire time and move as quickly as possible.

Russian Twists

10. Rotational “Swings” – Set your feet between hip-width and shoulder-width apart. Hold the slosh pipe on each end in front of you. As you squat down, pushing your butt back, rotate the slosh pipe outside your right hip. Then come back up to standing and bring the pipe back to the front. Squat again, swinging the pipe outside your left hip. Again come back to standing and bring the pipe back around front. Keep squatting and swinging the pipe from hip to hip. Make sure to sit your butt back when you squat.

squat with rotation

BONUS: Turkish Get Up

The Turkish Get Up is a great full body move and the slosh pipe is a great way to make it harder. Just like the Sandbag Get Up, you will hold the slosh pipe on one shoulder. Here is a step by step guide to the Turkish Get Up.

Have you made a slosh pipe? What are your favorite moves?