“I’m too old.”

I call BS on this. 

Do our goals change?


Does our body change?


But so much of what we state that we are too old for, we actually need to be doing more of.

We also have to remember that fitness is always about ability.

Our needs and goals do change. And they always will over time, 

But more importantly, we have to recognize that lifestyle factors add up. And the longer we ignore them the more they can build up to create overload.

And that is the real issue.

Not our age.

Those lifestyle factors, and how we address them, may make us feel old at 25. Or not old at 105.

Think of your body like a plate.

There may be no cracks in the plate to start. 

But through a lack of attention to proper movements, or prehab….and constantly sitting hunched over textbooks and at computers….well…we start to build cracks in that plate.

But as we are creating cracks in this plate, we’re also stacking more and more stuff on it.

We’re training harder without warming up. We’re not sleeping well. We’re drinking. Eating crap food. Stressing at work.

We’re adding weight constantly to this plate as we even add more cracks.

And then when the plate finally breaks and everything falls off, we claim it’s because it is too old.

But it wasn’t the age of the plate. It’s all the stuff we did too it while ignoring the cracks.

It’s why if you start younger creating habits that don’t create such dramatic damage OR you take time to try to REPAIR the damage you can avoid feeling old and like you now can’t do the things you love.

Sure does wear and tear happen? Will we want to adjust our training methods because of different goals and the fact that with age our body does change.


But too often we hold ourselves back from training the way we want because of age when it’s really INJURIES or our fitness level or our goals that are dictating what we need.

Studies have shown time and time again the importance of lean muscle to longevity, only reinforced by the importance of grip strength as an indicator of health and longevity.

So stop saying you CAN’T do something because of your age. Your goal should always be to rebuild so you can clear yourself to do more.

And the younger you start addressing your postural distortion…the younger you stop thinking you’re invisible, well the less old you’ll ever feel.

We’re not too old. If anything we just have to stop being stupider when we are younger.

Tips to help you adjust your fitness to feel young forever.

  1. Include prehab work.
  2. Use every move as an assessment and focus on those recruitment patterns.
  3. Use variations that fit your goals.
  4. Stop having the attitude of no pain no gain. This creates the cracks. You’re not being paid to train through pain. You can work around.