In this episode I discuss what prehab is, the 3 key steps to prehab and why they matter and how to implement foam rolling, stretching and activation into your routine for the best results possible!


  • What is prehab? Mobility and activation work BEFORE you get injured to address common postural distortions and compensatinos caused by previous injuries.
  • The 3 Key Steps – Foam Rolling, Stretching And Activation
  • Foam Rolling – Relax overactive muscles. Inhibit or interrupt the mind-body connection to muscles that want to compensate. Temporary improvements in ROM.
  • Stretching – Use dynamic stretching to warm up and improve your mobility and flexibility. When STATIC stretching can benefit you even in your warm up!
  • Activation – Activate underactive muscles and even stretch out overactive ones!


  1. The 3 pieces work best when implemented together.
  2. Do the mobility work BEFORE you get injured.
  3. Focus on what you feel working to cycle back through steps 1 and 2 as needed to get the most out of your activation moves!