New Year…New Podcast Format!? HECK YES! Over the years, there have been a few evolutions of the Fitness Hacks Podcast as I work to provide better information and tips in ways that hopefully help more and more.

That’s why this year, I want to start a new format with more videos but also new segments. In the past I’ve focused a lot on mindset and motivation tips. And this is partly ​because mindset matters so much and I’m able to cover more on macros and workout tips on my YouTube and my blog.

But nothing is ever enough, RIGHT?! That’s why I wanted to create new segments that dive more into the questions, comments and concerns you all have. I want to go over macro hacks, meal prepping, recipes, workout and exercise tweaks, prehab tips and more.

I also want to invite GUESTS onto the show to share their expertise and help us all see another new perspective to keep moving forward. So as I plan out the episodes for this year, I’d first love to hear from all of you! ​​Comment below about what you’d like to learn about and even who you’d like to hear from on the show! Here’s to a fabulous 2023 and season of the Fitness Hacks Podcast!