IIFYM itself is not flawed.

How people use it though is.

Just like Crossfit.

You have all these haters of Crossfit when Crossfit itself isn’t flawed, it is the people using it incorrectly that are flawed.

Any system, any great diet and exercise program, can be twisted into something dangerous and unproductive.

All too often people focus on QUANTITY and not QUALITY.

Working out more.

Eating to fit certain nutrient breakdowns.

But honestly, quantity doesn’t matter near as much as quality.

Quality of movement. Quality of your workout.

And quality of the food you put in your body.

Too often recently I’ve seen photos on Instagram of processed foods, pizza and donuts with captions like, “Great meal! Fitting my macros!”

Basically I’ve seen photos of junk food excused as “good for them” because it fit their macros.

Sorry, but that isn’t really the way things work.

If you truly want to be healthy, you can’t just eat processed crap because it fits the protein, fat and carb breakdown you’ve set for the day.

Being healthy means taking in QUALITY fuel.

food is fuel

Sure, you can lose weight eating just about anything if you consume fewer calories than you use.

HOWEVER, losing weight by eating crap doesn’t equal good body composition.

And it definitely doesn’t equal good health.

Even if you’ve seen some people achieve great results on IIFYM, they weren’t doing it eating only crap. Yes, they did indulge, but it wasn’t the only thing they ate.

They didn’t use fitting their macros as an excuse to eat anything they wanted.

They still followed something similar to the 80/20 rule!

Plus when you eat processed food instead of whole natural foods, your body doesn’t function as well as it should, which means you feel more fatigued and worn out.

It also means you can’t push as hard or get as much out of your workouts!

So yes, you can eat crap and initially lose weight. Just like you can do sloppy form on lifts and still get stronger and go up in weight.

BUT in the long run, all that crap, all that sloppy form will catch up with you, resulting in injury and sickness.

If you want great results, you have to focus on the quality of your diet and exercise program.

Because QUALITY is what truly matters.