When you are in pain, what do you do?

Do you…

A. Avoid any sort of exercise. I mean you need to “rest” it, right?

B. Power through. No pain no gain!

C. Randomly and sporadically throw in some “rehab” and simply avoid the moves that cause pain.

D. Just figure you can never do certain moves again.

E. Slowly start implementing rehab exercises to improve your mobility and correct the imbalances and compensations that may have led to your pain? Do you start a search and destroy mission to locate and identify other imbalances NOT at the source of pain that may be the issue?

Of course you do E, right!?!

Unfortunately most of us DON’T do E. unless we’ve been there before.

But E is what helps us not only start to alleviate aches and pains but PREVENT THEM FROM RETURNING.

And sometimes by working through just even 10 minutes of the foam rolling, stretching and activation for a WEEK, we can start to restore proper mobility and begin to correct the imbalances.

Heck, it can even relax our central nervous system so we start to feel a whole heck of a lot better even as our our body becomes more mobile, stable and balanced.

E. doesn’t mean crazy amounts of time on recovery work. It can even be implemented while you FEEL GOOD just as part of your warm up to your current workouts (or as an excuse to move a little extra during the day).

Now now…I’m not telling you not to get checked out or not to listen to your doctor. I’m just telling you that too often we AVOID when we can CORRECT. We rest when we can REHAB.

Even if you do take time off, which may help start the healing process, it doesn’t prevent the injury from reoccurring. You NEED to correct the underlying problems. Even if you do have to first have surgery, it means restoring proper mobility and stability post surgery to prevent the trauma, aka surgery from causing compensations again!

It’s why I created the RStoration program. And it’s why I also just feel so honored to get to see comments like this….

There is no time like the present. Just start spending 10 minutes a day for even just 7 days on that boring PREHAB stuff and you can get to moving and feeling better.

10 minutes a day is a whole heck of a lot better than being sidelined with injury!

Are you foam rolling, stretching and activating daily?

Are you working to correct the underlying problems instead of just avoid exercises forever?

Or are you constantly cycling through injury, pushing through the pain and then having to take long periods off?

Continue reading about the 3-Part RStoration Method of SMR + Stretching + Activation For Injury Prevention.

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