Ready to get the sweat dripping and blood pumping?!? Heck yes, right!? ūüėČ

Then try this Bodyweight 30/10 Cardio Killer!

It will take you just 20 minutes if you complete all 6 rounds so you can get your workout in even on a busy day! No need to spend hours in the gym or even buy expensive cardio equipment. All you need is your own bodyweight for killer results!

The 30/10 Bodyweight Cardio Killer

Set a timer for 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. Work as hard as you can for 30 seconds on a move then rest 10 seconds while you transition to the next exercise. Regress moves as needed, but do not rest during the 30 seconds on each move. Beginners may rest up to 30 seconds more between rounds if needed. Complete 4-6 rounds of the circuit below.

30 seconds Snowboard Hop Burpees
10 seconds Rest
30 seconds Push Up Leg Kick
10 seconds Rest
30 seconds Squat Jump Bulldog
10 seconds Rest
30 seconds Inchworm Plank
10 seconds Rest
30 seconds Bicycles
10 seconds Rest

Love this workout?

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