Sometimes you just want a little something to ENHANCE your results – to give you that little edge without you completely having to change your routine.

This is when you add in what I call BURNERS.

What Are Burners?

Whether you call them a finisher or burnout instead, these quick routines are done at the end of a workout.

But if you’re designing a workout, why would you add in something “extra” instead of just including all the work in a normal circuit or as part of the routine?

Because when you set aside time for a Burnout, your primary focus isn’t on increasing the weight you use. It isn’t on increasing reps or sets or improving your endurance.

It is purely on BURNING OUT your body.

Whether you’re using it to blast fat, improve your work capacity or make sure no muscle fiber is left untrained, it can be that quick intense blast to make sure you’ve used all the time you have to workout to the max!

How To Design A Burner:

Burners should be about 5-10 minutes long. They may be shorter the more isolated your focus.

They can use everything from isolation exercises, if your Burner is meant to focus on a specific muscle, to compound and hybrid moves especially if you want metabolic benefits.

You will minimize rest during your burner because you want to create a high training density to end your workout. And your intensity should be high if you want metabolic benefits.

Timed Circuits and Intervals often work best.

When Should You Include A Burner?

When you add a Burner to a workout, you want to have designed the workout KNOWING you planned to add a burner in.

Too often Burners are an afterthought, but for them to work and complement the routine and our goals, they need to be designed with a purpose.

Especially if burning fat is your goal!

Burners can be done to help you burn fat through using intense exercises and interval training.

So if you’ve worked areas earlier in your workout you wouldn’t mind losing fat from, adding a metabolic Burner at the end could be a great way to make spot reduction work for you as much as possible!

Or say you’re struggle to build muscle in specific areas?

Planning in a Burner for extra work on those muscle groups can be helpful.

You may use this targeted muscle burnout on the same day those specific muscles are worked or you may even include it on a day you’re working something completely different. Using the Burner on a different day, helps you get in extra training frequency during the week WITHOUT overtraining.

For example, the glutes are a large, powerful and strong muscle. If you are really trying to build and strengthen them, an extra targeted session for them can be helpful.

Even if you don’t have extra days to workout, you could increase your training frequency for your glutes by including a Glute Burner even at the end of an upper body day!

So while Burners can target muscles worked during your workout, they can also work opposing muscle groups or even a different hemisphere altogether!

So if you want that little bit EXTRA to get better results FASTER, consider adding in a burner!

Try this Burner if you’re looking for a little extra core work –> The Lower Ab Burner

OR if you’re ready to start designing your OWN burners and workouts that help you train SMARTER to reach your goals FASTER, check out these tips from my Training Black Book!