While getting the latest and greatest fitness tools can be fun and keep things interesting, you don’t need any fancy equipment to get in a great workout.

Actually sometimes the best tools are the most basic ones – the ones that aren’t even truly exercise equipment.

For instance, a $16 moving blanket may be one of the best pieces of “equipment” to help you get in a full body cardio workout in just minutes.

You can use the moving blanket to do one of our favorite cardio-core training exercises – the Towel Taz.

While this move may seem silly, it is far from easy. It will work your entire core (from your shoulders to your knees) while getting your blood pumping.

Here’s how to do the basic Towel Taz and other fun variations:

Basic Towel Taz:

basic towel taz cardio exercise

This move works everything from your shoulders to your knees and gets your heart rate up.

Grab a corner of the moving blanket in each hand. Start to shake the towel up and down as you move side-to-side and all around. Move as quickly in every direction as you can as you shake the towel up and down as fast as you can.

The quicker you move and change direction as you shake the towel, the harder the move will be. Shaking the towel harder will also make the move more challenging.

Make sure that as you move and shake the towel you maintain a nice tall posture. Do not hunch over or shrug your shoulders as you do the movement.

Twisting Towel Taz:

towel taz core exercise

This is a great frontal plane movement to really work your obliques and even your glutes.

Hold a corner of the moving blanket in each hand. With your elbows slightly bent and arms relax, begin to pull the towel to one side, shifting your weight to that side as you twist. Then pull the towel quickly back across to the other side, slightly shifting your weight toward your other leg.

Keep pulling quickly from side to side, shifting your weight slightly as you pull. This is not a big movement. You will really only pull the towel from just outside each shoulder and back across your body to the other shoulder.

Do not shrug your shoulders as you pull side to side. Feel your obliques working to pull the towel across. Do not make your arms do all the work. You want the power to come from your core.

Move as quickly as possible back and forth.

Chest Press Towel Taz:

cardio towel taz exercise

With this variation you will move around just like the Basic Towel Taz, but instead of shaking the towel up and down, you will press it in and out from your chest. Move quickly and make sure to keep your shoulders down as you shake the towel.

All three variations are cardio movements that will work your entire core.

And the best part is, you can do them anywhere if you just buy a $16 moving blanket!

(If you don’t have a moving blanket, you can really use any sheet or towel. However, the bigger the towel or blanket, the harder the movement will be.)